cles.. gadget case?

  1. Anyone use their cles for their gadgets? IE. A nano?
  2. a matter of fact my groom cles holds my new ipod..that tiny one..I don't know the exact name. But it is perfect!
  3. Thats the cles I currently have too! If the nano can fit into other cles' then I have the perfect excuse for another! Post picts if you can guys!
  4. I'm still living in the dark ages with the pink mini, which is too big for my cles. I have the pomme, and the vernis is kind of small. I might be able to fit my Bluetooth in it. :shrugs: I use mine for business cards.
  5. I remember seeing a pic that Khoi posted... he has a Green Perfo Cles that holds his iPod Nano. It looks so cute inside!
  6. Hehe, I have the pink mini too... I'm waiting to see if they will release a nano in a lighter pink color.
  7. :yes: :yes: I wish the would make larger cles that could hold more stuff. Now don't hate me, but i think they should take a hint from coach and make wrislets. They are clesesque (<-thats a good one) and can hold a ton.

  8. Yup my cles holds my ipod nano in red.
  9. Really? I'd love too see a pic. Its a normal cles ie groom mono damier azur/ebene rught?
  10. I use my Cerises one to hold my ipod nano, it fits perfectly. The epi and mc ones don't work for that though.
  11. Lol my ipod doesn't fit in there, otherwise I might put it in one of my Cles.
  12. ^^But you do have an awesome case for it nonetheless! I love it! Especially with your cell fob in the picture!!

    Darn, doesn't fit in epi?! I wanted to get one in manderin..
    Maybe mandy should cash and coins and groom should hold nano?
  13. too bad i still have the "vintage" ipod from the dark ages lol, im pretty much restricted to cc's, bills and receipts and some change
  14. i gave my sister in law an azur cles a few weeks ago.. once she was visiting us and i was dying to know what she used it for.. it hang over her denim bag and looked soo:huh:o:huh:o cute.. well she pulled an ipod with its ear phones (i dont know which model.. it was ultra skinny one)! it looked s:huh::huh::huh::huh: cute!! :heart:
    i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE cles!! :yahoo:
  15. ive seen it, but not used it that way. just cash, keys, chapstick and cards.