cles for guy

  1. What do u think of a guy using a cles? My brother is getting a new car and so im thinking of getting LV accessories for him, another excuse of getting LV

    but the question is >>> guy with a cles? will it look to feminin, would i rather get him a 6 key holder instead, personally i think its to old for 18 yo kid :yes:

    any thoughts?
  2. Perhaps you can give him a gift certificate and go with him in his new car to help him pick out what he might like.:flowers:
  3. i think cles is fine for a guy... my BF actually has one :smile: he loves it!
  4. I have a Damier cles and I love it. And I'm a boy. :smile:
  5. ^ i was also gonna say a damier cles would be nice for a guy!
  6. I've got 3 and I have the 6 key holder!
  7. ooo damier sounds nice... :smile: my bf has a MONO.. he loves Louis Vuitton.. hehe maybe i should get a damier cles for him...
  8. I think it's be cute.. although if you'd like to get something more traditional I'd go with a mono or damier 4/6 key holder.
  9. I think a cles works well for anyone, male or female.
  10. I think it's a good idea. Cles are unisex, I think.
  11. I'd go with Damier, and probably a 4 or 6 key holder is more suitable!
    4- or 6- key holder also looks nice in Taiga, which is great for guys!
  12. My brother has a groom cles, HAHA he wont even use his wallet anymore, because he puts all his cards in there (he doesn really carry much cash) and his keys on the holder, IT IS one of the most useful small pieces IMO.
  13. you should get him a damier or an epi with silver hardware. i think these are popular among young men. The cles is more practical because he can fit in credit/id cards.
  14. Damier cles or epi black cles---perfect!