Cles: Damier Ebene or Mini Lin Ebene??

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  1. I'm not sure which cles to get for fall/winter. I do plan to get both damier speedy 30 and mini lin ebene - but I only want one cles for the fall/winter season. Opinions? I love both, and I'm terribly indecisive! Thanks!
  2. ebene, I think is better just because its something you'd handle more due to attaching your keys. Plus the color isnt going to show the dirt as easy.
  3. I like the Mini Lin.
  4. i was debating between the Mini Lin Ebene 4-keyholder and the Vernis Amarante just last week, and in the end i decided on the Mini Lin Ebene, because if it's something you would be using every single day, you would want it to be as durable as possible. the Dune would get dirty too easily
  5. i love my mini lin. It looks brand new....
  6. Sorry forgot to add mini lin in my post... I like it better the damier .
  7. hrm - I really do like the Mini Lin fabric - I think that's what I'm gonna go for. Thanks all! :smile:
  8. LVoe the Mini Lin Cles. Plus most of them are made in France if it matters to you.
  9. I guess I'm in the minority I say you get the damier cles.
  10. Mini Lin!!!!

  11. a cles is more than likely to take a very good amount of wear and tear. i'd go with a canvas version. but ebene before dune if mini lin is the only one that will scratch your itch.

  12. Are all Damier cles made in Spain?
  13. I'll go for Damier Cles ;)
  14. I like the damier, it goes with more!
  15. another vote for mini lin!!!