Cles -- credit card/GC capacity??

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  1. Hi,

    Sorry if this has been asked before (I did a search and got mostly "What do YOU carry in your purse?" type threads) but I was thinking of getting a matching mini lin cles for my Speedy because my filofax (yes, I am old school and still like a hard copy as backup for my techie gadgets!) is stuffed so full of gift cards and membership cards so I was thinking of using a cles to hold them all. So...

    • What is the maximum number of gift cards/credit cards/etc. that will fit in a cles?
    • Also, does anyone know if any cles in the mini monogram in khaki TST are still available? I'd like to get one for my new Josephine!
  2. I don't have a cles, but I believe it depends on which line the cles is from...

    for example, I have heard that the perfo cles holds the most??
  3. mine fits about 20 cards inside. it can still be opened and closed without any problems. i have the monogram and azur cles. :yes:
  4. dunno, i actually carry coach cles, i can afford every color and swap them out as i see fit. it changes my bags for me! lv looks great with color!

    and tthe answer is: alot. plus cash.
  5. Cool I've been wanting to ask this... Cos I might be getting a cles this Xmas together with the Pochette Accessoires.
  6. I put around 5 cards inside.
  7. Charms and perfo hold the most, quite a bit

    Then damier (either) and mono

    lastly mc and vernis (almost nothing)
  8. I was wondering about the same thing. I have a compact zippé wallet and there isn't enough cardslots so a cles be good to have as well. :smile:
  9. I the most I've ever fit is like 6ish + some cash, but I try not to push it.
  10. I found this pic on the pc, but i've had more in my cles. This gives you and idea though.
    i'm sure you could fit more in the mini lin cles or the mini monogram since they are cloth.

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  11. Wow I was wondering this too thanks for the pic Bag Fetish !
  12. i have quite a few.
    -Epi (old red & black)
    -Multicolor Black
    -Vernis Pearle
    -Monogram Cerises

    overall they each hold way different amounts. The MC doesnt hold much at all :sad: Yes, the monogram does hold the most. Ive been using my old red epi one and i have 10 cards in there, plus a few folded reciepts, random change and a dollar or two. I find that my vernis one tends to look 'streached' if i fill it to compacity. hope that kinda helps! i love the cles. i use mine everyday [im a boy] and i love rotating them out for eachother!

    oh and here is a crappy pic i just took on my sidekick to show some things i have stuffed in mine today!
  13. Wow! Thanks for the info and pics everyone!!:flowers: