Cles Crazy! I love my cles! ~PICS~

  1. I love my little cles, crazy since I love big bags, but I always have a cles with me...would be lost without one. Sorry to lazt to get all the round ones out too but here are the regular ones!


  2. i love your vernis cles collection !!!
  3. How pretty! I like them all, but especially the indigo.
  4. Love them.....I think I need a vernis cles now!
  5. Which one holds the most? Very nice collection TT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Great collection of cles! Love the vernis ones!
  7. wow!!! great collection!!!
  8. The charms, by far...I wish I had bought one in every color.
  9. I love your collection of cles!! Their like a rainbow!!
  10. Gorgeous cles collection! :yes:
  11. great collection! you can open your own cles store!
  12. Your cles collection is beautiful. I'm recently become obsessed with cles', but I don't know what I need with more than one.
  13. Mary!!!!!! I wish I could shop like you for a day!
  14. Love your little cles'. They are beautiful.
  15. Wow beautiful colors, what a great collection!!