cles are awesome!

  1. i thought they were just pretty keychains but i realized that i had a totally awesome clubbing gear in hand. i hate taking my bag to clubs, even my smallest mallory vernis cuz you just never know. last weekend, i put some cash my my id in my cles and took off the keys. i clipped it to the belt loop of my jeans near my right butt and put the cles inside the butt pocket. hands free all night long. and no need to worry about pick pockets cuz it's chained to you.. i :heart: my cles! now i know why you girls (and guys) love the cles so much!
  2. im glad you enjoy your cles! what kind of cles do you have?
  3. i love mine too. mine sat in the box for about a month and I was like err, why did I buy this. I have a bad habit of losing my keys. Once I hooked it to my keys that was it. I love it. I have a damier cles. They are so functional. Good idea about slipping it in your back pocket.
  4. what kind of cles do you have ?!
  5. Does anyone know if any of the cles will fit in the wapity? I'm thinking mini-lin might but I haven't tried at the boutique yet, mono and anything that size or larger do not, anyone with a mini lin cles and a wapity out there willing to try for me?
  6. I really like the cles i want to get one soon.
  7. i want one too i didnt think i would need one but....................

    do you think it would be ok it i attached 4 keys and a door clicker on the clip part??? it that too many keys to attach to it????????
  8. I placed my Mono cles into a Wapity and it fit with a tiny bit of a push but it didnt ruin the lines of the Wapity.

    And yes I love the cles -- I clasp mine to my totes when I go to work -- its perfect to hold loose change and a couple of bills. Additionally, I too have used mine for clubbing!
  9. :s I dunno because I have a cerises cles and I want to get a vernis cles but I don't want to have to shove or bend it any to get it in there...I would be more comfortable with bending a mini lin if whatever goes in has to be bent...I dunno, I'll have to see if vernis fits in there in the store, would the lining of the wapity be a rub off issue with vernis?
  10. The reason why I didn't get a Wapity was because it couldn't fit a cles comfortably... They ought to make the Wapity bigger.
  11. I don't club much anymore...but I love the cles, clip and go and have fun! Effortless and so very easy!
  12. i have the white mc cles
  13. i'm so glad to hear that the CLES is working out well for ya!!! Keep partying!!! woop woop!!! :biggrin:
  14. ITA.. I do that with my Azur one when I'm at a party.
  15. wow new ideas all the time:idea: .