Cles and Rosalie? Or Cles and Long wallet?


Keep the Rosalie?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Hi guys, I need some advice! I have the LV Cles which I use for keys and cards, and recently got the Rosalie coin purse and it's SO cute! But now I'm wondering if I really need the Rosalie if I'll eventually get a long wallet. I think the Rosalie serves almost the same purpose as the Cles, but it's SO freaking cute!! So should I keep the Rosalie and have a Cles AND a long wallet, or return the Rosalie for a long wallet?
  2. First, what will you use your long wallet for?
  3. I don't really need a long wallet but I prefer them. I like more cardholders and I just like how it feels in my hands. I very rarely carry cash, but when I do, I hate having to fold them, especially when I go to Canada and their plastic bills don't fold well. My only concern is that a long wallet might not fit very well in my "mini" bag, the Soho disco. I
    know Emilie and Jeanne are 1/2 inch shorter than the other LV long wallets but I haven't tried fitting them into the bag. I'm currently using an old MBMJ long wallet, so I'm looking to upgrade. I think I'm just looking for someone to convince me to keep the Rosalie but I think I know what I should do.. but it's just the most adorable thing ever.
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  4. That's why I asked, because perhaps you may not even need the long wallet. But it looks like you do. Yeah...away with the Rosalie!
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  5. I can tell you my clemence does not fit in the Gucci disco
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  6. Why not consider Victorine? It's compact, but can fit full sized bills.
  7. I’m hoping that the Emilie or Josephine are slightly smaller!
  8. Not a fan of trifold wallets but I’m going to take a look today. Thanks!!
  9. They are slightly smaller. I have Clemence and I don't think it will fit Euros without folding them. It's a "short" wallet in terms of height. US bills fit, but any taller currency could be an issue.
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  10. I have a Rosalie used as compact wallet for small bags and the Clemence full size wallet for bigger bags. I love my Rosalie as it still looks like a little wallet than a coin purse and has that fun pop of colour.
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  11. That’s weird, my Clemence does fit in a Gucci Soho Disco... I did actually use it in the bag for a while before I got the Rosalie.
    Since I’ve bought the Rosalie I never reach for a full size wallet anymore. It’s just a lot more convenient, fits in every bag comfortably and there is more room left for other items. If I could choose only one, I’d definitely keep the Rosalie. With the Cles I’m more of a traditionalist and just use it for keys. ;)
    E6E0DA56-31B8-4DBD-AF01-64C621FB8C30.jpeg D7A1D93A-8DEE-448E-872B-3FCF86516607.jpeg
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  12. Does the wallet come in and out easily without rubbing on the sides of the bag?
  13. I’ve been using my Clemence inside the Soho Disco for about half a year (before I got the Rosalie), so it’s doable. You obviously have to angle it with putting it in and out, but it’s not a very tight fit. I would not recommend it though, as it takes up a lot of room and when you have other items inside of the bag, it’s not very easy to maneuver. Rosalie is much better wallet for smaller bags.
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  14. Keep. I think the cles has multi purpose use and your use of it may change from time to time.. The Rosalie is a great mini wallet (I am looking to purchase too). I use to have the empreinte key pouch and really miss it as my mini Wallet. For smaller bags like Disco or others it's just more ideal to have a mini wallet handy..
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  15. Thank you all for the advice. I went to LV to look at long wallets and sadly none of them fit comfortably. Despite the varying dimensions listed on the website, they're all the same length! I don't like bifolds or trifolds so I really wanted an "accordion" style long wallet. I ended up getting a small zip wallet at Chanel. It's between the size of a Rosalie and a full length long wallet. I'll still have to fold my bills (but only once!)... but it was a compromise I was willing to make. Now I really have no reason to keep the Rosalie, except that it's the second most adorable thing I've ever held in my hands (the first being my dog when she was a pup). I was also a little disappointed to break up the LV SLG family, but I'm loving my new wallet.