Clerks II

  1. I just got back from the movie and it is SO FUNNY!

    If you loved Clerks I would highly recommend you watch the second one! It has the same humor but more and the best part is the Silence of the Lamb re-enactment and the an argument between which saga was the better, the Star Wars Trilogy or Lord of the Rings.

    Again, go see it if you love Clerks!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  2. I just came back from seeing it. Hilarious, the best movie I have yet seen this summer.
  3. Vlad, I totally agree with you! It's the first movie in a long time where I am willing to go see it again right after the movie is over.
  4. Since I live out in middle of nowhere, it hasn't made it to my theater yet. Eagerly awaiting it, though. I love Kevin Smith and the gang!
  5. I hope to see it this weekend! I can't believe it's been like 11 years since the first....I feel old!
  6. Man I have to go see that movie. I saw the first one and seeing the previews of the second one looks so funny!!
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