CleoCouture's Collection

  1. I've finally taken the pictures so Here's my ever growing collection~

    My beloved Spy family: Choc-E Spy, Hon-E Spy and Min-E Spy
    My lovely Chloes: Jean Moyen Paddy (thanks to a wonderful PF-er:flowers:) and Maggie
    My beautiful Balenciagas: Pale Rose City and a work in progress, Calcaire Twiggy
    And Everything Else: ivory Kenneth Cole Large Hobo, black YSL Mermaid bag, sand Kooba Jillian, gold beaded wristlet, brown patterned canvas Antonio Melani hobo.

    Missing: black Prada nylon/leather bowler bag, small black velvet Prada frame bag
  2. ~~~
  3. Here's one of the missing Prada's and a close up of my Pale Rose City! :love:
    I'm currently waiting for an Aquamarine Bal. Matelasse and I cant wait to add it!

    I've also added a close up of my Choc Spy and my YSL Mermaid (i dont know the official name of it) because I had room.

    So that's my ever growing collection. I started it a little over a year ago. Before that I had maybe 3 bags that probably cost me a total of $50!:shame: I got tired of them falling apart so I sprung big for my Honey Spy and I was hooked!
  4. I love your collection ... awesome!
  5. Lovely bags! Love those spys!
  6. Nice bags! You're brave to have so many light colored bags! I want more of them but I'm so rough with my bags!
  7. ^^
    You know, I too am pretty rough with some of my bags. I worry so much about getting the lighter colored ones dirty...with the pale rose I only carry it if I know it's not going to rain, if I know I'm not going to be in the sun all day, when I'm not wearing new jeans that might rub off on it, if I'm not going to be in a super crowded place.... So many factors have to right before I dare carry it! But with some of the other I just learned that the LMB products work wonders! The Kenneth Cole Hobo had all kinds of little marks on it right before I took those pictures. A few little swipes with LMB and it was good as new!

    :flowers:Thanks everyone who commented! I was so intimidated to post my collection. I kept puting it off!
  8. Love your spy bags. Great collection.
  9. love your jeans moyen paddy
  10. i see bbags :drool:
  11. LOVE the Honey Spy :wtf:
  12. Great Bals and Spy's!
  13. The best collection I've seen in awhile! Love the colors, love love love. :party:
  14. Very nice!!
  15. Gee Thanks you guys! I'm so glad you like!

    And Gonatcha, wow! That's such a great compliment I'm blushing a bit:shame:!