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  1. I'm planning on getting a clemence wallet but I'm unsure about the leather. I'd like leather not canvas I know that much for sure. I'd also like it in noir. I fell in love with vernis noir but I'm afraid of the wear as I'd hope to use this wallet everyday. Help a girl out.
  2. I have the Clemence, although in the mono/fuchsia, and absolutely love it to bits. Materials aside the design itself shows no wear along the interior and exterior zippers, the edges of the wallet are sturdy and well supported so they don't bend or curl, the cc slots retain their shape although they do loosen up slightly with use (makes it easier to get the cards in and out), the glazing has held up beautifully, and there are no signs of cracking or fatigue since the design allows for only minimal manipulation/flex points unlike the bifold and trifold models (i.e. Adele and Josephine).
    When the wallet is empty it feels 'weak', but that changes very quickly when filled with cards and a few coins. Add a phone (I have an iPhone 5s with a thin case) and you can use the Clemence as a weapon:P

    Hope this helps!
  3. if you compare the empreinte to vernis or epi...the empreinte is definitely softer and it will get softer after you used it more. I noticed i tend to baby that line more than the other two, reason why i sold my Secret Long. Vernis and Epi actually wear very well. I would go with Vernis if its a everyday wallet. (my daily wallet is a Zippy in Amarante)

  4. I think if you're in love with the Vernis, then you should just get it. Vernis is a lot stronger than it looks!
  5. I have it in magenta vernis & I love it!! It's only a month old, but it's still immaculate & I can't foresee any issues. I think the darker the colour, the less you need worry about vernis.
  6. #6 Mar 10, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2016
    I have the emp, the older version where the coin compartment is removable. I used them separately all the time.

    I dun expect it to go soft cause the cards on both sides will hold the shape. As for the removable coin compartment, seems alright.

    I use it daily with no extra effort to baby it. What was annoying is the zip so I dun zip it too. Colour is dune.
  7. I also have it in the magenta color in vernis and love it, but have only had it since Feb. Other than noticing my finger prints here and there it's beautiful and looks amazing! The noir vernis is beautiful and I can't see why it wouldn't hold up any better than the empriente. Just take your time and think about it, but it's usually your first choice that's the winner.
  8. I like Empreinte more than Vernis. It feels really soft. I'm not a fan of patent leather. I also hear that vernis is very susceptible to color transfer and melting.
  9. +1
  10. I have the same wallet and agree. Mine shows no wear and I especially don't put coins inside of it to keep it clean.
  11. #11 Mar 11, 2016
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    Agree about the fingerprints 😖😖 I've found as time is gradually passing by, they bother me less. I keep the little cleaning cloth with me & give it a good clean when they get too much 😄
  12. +1!
  13. I agree I personally wouldn't get vernis. I've had bad experience with color transfer and it being permanently stained :sad:
  14. Thank you for your suggestions. I'm still on the fence. The whole color transferring issues that Vernis pieces have scare me as I'll be using this as my daily wallet so Epi or emp. Decision decisions. I'm leaning towards the epi. I have an epi card holder that's from 1990 and epi wears great. Minor wear and tear but still gorgeous for something older than myself. But then again I've heard LV doesn't quite make them like they use to. With that being said does anyone have a recently made epi piece? I'm curious as to how it's holding up. How does the emp hold up? Anyone use a emp as a daily slg?
  15. I have the clemence wallet in empreinte noir for about a year and the quality has held up amazing with no issues. I use the coin compartment separately as well. I have not found any issues and recommend it in empreinte. If you choose vernis i would recommend a darker colour i do not own any light vernis pieces either because of being afraid of colour transfer. Hope this helps :smile:
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