Clemence wallet

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  1. Does anyone know if it fits an iPhone 6+?
  2. I bought one for my sister for her birthday and it is pretty narrow so I don't think so :-s It is a beautiful wallet though, esp. in the empreinte!
  3. You could without a case but the Clemence isn't designed for a phone that size (or any phone to be completely honest) and it would be a very tight squeeze once you factor in all of your cards, receipts, cash, coin, etc.
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  4. I can put my Iphone 6S(it has a case on) in a Sarah wallet but not my Clemence.
  5. agreed!
    I have the clemence in grape Emp and once it's filled up with all my 'crap' - that's it! BUT it's still slim NOT bulky or busting at the seams... It's too narrow even for an iphone 5s
  6. I can fit my 5S in with plenty of space left so long as it's not in a case but then again I don't carry around a lot of receipts, coin, or bulky's usually just cards so at worst my wallet is half-filled.
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  7. Here's an old 5 sitting inside my empty Clemence with tons of room to spare. Now account for the card slots being filled, just a few coins, and maybe an a bill or two on the other side compartment and I still have space to use up.
    Like I said, a 6 Plus could fit as long it didn't have a case on and the wallet wasn't already filled to the point of bursting.

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  8. I put my 6s plus in my clemence . No case and minimal coins and it fits well
  9. My 6 fits easily with a case but that doesn't answer your question. I borrowed my friend's 6 + and it will fit without a case. It is a tight fit but it did not make the zipper pull. At that time I had 7 cards, change in the zipper compartment and dollar bills so the wallet wan't filled to capacity. Hope this helps.

  10. Oh gosh, I probably should clear out my wallet! :panic:
  11. It's true, I don't think the wallets are made at all for iPhones. Having too much change in mine seems to stretch it more than I'd like, so I can't imagine a phone.
  12. I only have an iPhone 6, and it does have a slim case, but I don't attempt to store it in my Clemence wallet. It might fit if I forced it, but I love my Clemence wallet so much that I wouldn't want to risk ruining it by stretching it out.
  13. Hi everybody, i need help please. I get a Clemence wallet today but the zipper clemps a little bit if i start to pull it. Is this normal? Will it get better by using it?? I would be so greatful for your help