Clemence wallet!

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  1. My pull on the Rosalie looks the same. It’s the different colour grains in the leather
  2. I wouldn’t say they are “ridiculously” tight. Definitely snug though, so get your card ready if you’re in line checking out somewhere!
  3. Alright. Thanks! I've just gotten myself the wallet in mono rose ballerine! The SA dont allow me to try my cards in de boutique thou
  4. Sorry to hop on an old post but also looking for advice!
    Can’t decide between a clemence or a zippy coin plus key pouch
    I know totally different things but if I get the clemence it will be used for everything, if I get the zippy coin it will be for cards cash etc and I would use the key cles for coins etc
    I just cannot decide!
    So far I have a neverfull MM, speedy 35 and one key cles (honestly feel I could use one in every print)
  5. Mine, on Victorine, our ridiculously tight too, I even took a small screw driver to gently stretch them out-unuseable........
  6. Got to say, I prefer having everything in one place, coins,cards, dollars.
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  7. I
    I’m definitely leaning more towards the clemence - has anyone had any issues with the credit card slots being tight and tearing??
  8. I love my clemence wallet. The credit card slots are just about right. Not too loose, but not enough for two cards either.
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  9. I have the Clemence Wallet in the Noir Empreinte material, so I haven't had any issues with the credit card slots. The Empreinte material is nice and soft, so it made pulling out credit cards and putting them back now a very smooth motion. My mom has a Sarah wallet in monogram canvas, and I know it was a struggle for her to pull cards out and slide them back in. The monogram canvas took a while to loosen up. My mom hasn't had any tears in her Sarah wallet, but she doesn't use her Sarah wallet daily like I do with my Clemence.
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  10. Does anyone know if this wallet fits in the Palm Springs mini ?
  11. I’ve had the mono/rose ballerine for a five months. The cards slots ARE tight but not to the point of being awkward. It is more getting the card back in which is a little fiddly rather than out. The interior is leather so will loosen somewhat. After five months of use mine is still like new virtually so don’t expect it to happen quickly. Not issues whatsoever with tearing or even coming close to tearing.
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  12. I’m waiting for delivery of a Palm Springs reverse mini so I’ll let you know shortly!
  13. Thanks so much !
  14. Hi ! How did your Clemence wallet fit in your Palm Springs ?
  15. Not well! It did go in if you put it right up to the back but was awkward. I ended up returning the PSM as it was just not practical enough. I had a Kors mini backpack that (in my opinion) was better quality than the LV.