Clemence wallet!

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  1. Hi
    I am thinking about buying empriente print but I am not sure about the color. What is the color choice of yours?

    Can you give me some advice ?

    Thank you.
  2. I love it! Just bought the fuschia. What does the "PF" stand for? I'm guessing petit, but what is F? It looks like the tag indicates made in the US, but I didn't see the location stamp per se. I bought it to go with my Odeon PM bag. Still a Louis newbie, so I'm learning!
  3. "PF" stands for "portefeuille" - "wallet" in French. And, if it's made in the US, it doesn't get stamped. I don't know about SLGs, but bags get either cloth or leather tags inside that say "made in U.S.A. of imported materials".
  4. This is great to know, thanks!
  5. Anyone know if I can still get a Clemence empriente wallet where the coin pouch still has the empriente leather? I want to order one for my birthday and don't know if I should bother my sa about it
  6. You mean removable pouch? Preloved yes, new no.
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  7. Hi may I ask which one you decided on? I am in the exact same situation. Trying to decide between the compact zippy and Clemence . I am only worried about the Clemence being to big to fit in my Alma BB. And how do you like what you chose so far? Thank you.
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  9. How do you mean? Sometimes going around the wallet, the zipper can catch on the internal zipper. Also, it sort of pauses going around the corners, so you might want to start it before you get to the check out somewhere. Is that what you're talking about?
  10. Hi ladies, I just purchased a DE Clemance wallet from Neimans because I love the pop of red. I came home, opened the box, and noticed that the red leather tab on the zipper looks dirty. Is this normal? Or should I take it in and exchange it for another one? Ladies who have this wallet, any suggestions would be much appreciated~ Thank you

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  11. I think that's normal. I purchased the clemence with the fusia tab a few weeks ago and mine looks the same.
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  12. I have a clemence wallet I bought about a year ago in a coral/orange color and it looks the same it's normal
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  13. Thank you so much
  14. Thx girl, I thought it was defective
  15. Are the card compartments very tight? I have the victorinr wallet and all the card compartments are ridiculously tight.
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