Clemence wallet!

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  1. does anyone know the width for both Emilie and Clemence? which one is thicker?
  2. You all are really making me want this wallet :drool: I am seriously leaning toward the mono with yellow (Jonquille I believe?) interior, which is a little surprising since my favorite color is pink hah.

    But that yellow is just so beautiful to me- love the way it pops against the mono! Am wondering if it is truly as bright in real life as it appears on the LV site?

    Haven't been able to find many pictures of the wallet in that specific color, often I think I do and then find out it's in the Mimosa color.

    I will probably just order this online since I won't be able to get to a store soon, so any help would be appreciated!
  3. I have both. Emilie can fit more cash and I can fit my iPhone 6+ in the biggest opening slit pocket. Clemence I always have to switch out my cash because I'm scared to stretch it out and I find I can't fit as much coins in the clemence compared to the Emilie. But I rotate back and forth because I'm not sure which one I like better yet. Sorry I wasn't much help 😅
  4. I had Emilie, now I have the Clemence. The Emilie is thicker. You can stuff the Clemence, and it will still stay slim. Hope that helps!
  5. Sorry if this question has been asked before, but does Australian notes fit well in the clemence without having to fold?
  6. I've gone into the LV boutique twice in a month and keep going back to the Clemence. It's like the little sister of the zippy wallet and it's so much lighter! I think the price point is great too. I am still torn between the compact zippy and clemence which is why I haven't bought a wallet yet! :smile:
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  7. Yep, you're correct. New ones do not have removable pouch. I bought mine yesterday in cherry empriente leather. Haven't used it yet, but i notice the pouch is sown in.
  8. Hi, I just bought the same exact one. Can you tell me how its holding up?
  9. She's holding up well as long as I don't overuse her. Lately I've been rotating all my wallets, using 5-7 (8 max) weeks at a time.

  10. Is it a pain to switch wallets so often? I feel like I use the same one for a year or so before I want to switch....and I just like having everything in the same place. lol.
  11. Hi everyone!
    Been following this thread and finally pulled the trigger. Sharing my new Clemence wallet in Damier Azur with Rose Ballerine! I'm in love with it 😊 Thanks for letting me share!

  12. This is me! I keep buying and collecting yet I only use the same one everyday.
  13. As many years as I have purchased upscale handbags I have never bought LV. However, I have now. I bought the Clemence wallet in Damier Azur with the rose ballerina lining. Couldn't buy just one thing so I ordered the key pouch in the Monogram Vernis leather in the rose color. They look great together and I find the wallet very functional. The key pouch is not as functional for me but I kept it. I have never had coated canvas so I am anxious to see how it wears with the aging process. Since summer is here I ordered the the Croisette as a spur of a moment order. A bit worried about it so time will tell.
  14. :crybaby:
    Yep. It's so sad :crybaby: that LV changed the pouch to sewn in Version n ow. I love the removable pouch version of the empreinte Clemence wallet.
  15. Hi! Please could you share how is the wear and tear so far in your wallet? I want the same color but I'm a little worry about color transfer, thanks.