Clemence vs. Togo? Slouchiness question.

  1. Hi All,

    I was reading HG's leather book and had a few questions:

    1. If Clemence is heavier than togo, why is it slouchier? In my mind it should retain its firmness?

    2. Is clemence similar to togo in scratch resistance?

    3. If you have a bag with a large surface area of Clemence, will it eventually stretch out too much and lose its shape and look ugly? (Not that Hermes can ever look ugly, but hopefully you'll know what I'm getting at :sad: )

    4. Is Clemence water resistant, or light rain is not good for this leather? Is it a sturdy leather?

    5. Is Clemence casual?

    If someone knows where I can find this information b/c it's been talked about extensively...PLEASE direct me. I appreciate it.:heart:
  2. NewHermesLover, I have Kellys in both a Bolide in Clemence.

    The Clemence has a softer's like....when you poke at it, say....the Clemence gives and pushes in ( not a lot but I don't know how else to say it) but, Togo has a stiffer hand/ gives too, but in a stiffer way.

    And, too, each bag in itself is different. One of my Kellys has a large grain clemence, the other a small grain. My Togo Kelly has a small grain ( as do most of the togo pieces I've seen )

    I feel ( I'm not an expert ) but I feel that if you don't like slouch in a bag, then togo would be the better choice for you. Although, I love clemence's soft hand and given a choice between the two leathers would be hard pressed to choose my favorite.

    I sometimes wish Hermes would let us try samples of differing leathers in the different styles and let us "test drive" them for awhile before we make such a large investment. Surely would save us (me!) some money, that's for sure!!:yes:
  3. My understanding is that Clemence and Togo are really similar in terms of weight - when I was looking for my Birkin, I was willing to take either since I'm using it daily for work, and I wanted something durable and water-resistant. I don't think the leather "stretches", rather it's just slouchy so when you sit it down, it won't stand straight up if empty.

    If you don't like slouch, I don't think I would pick Togo either. Probably Epsom, Vache Liegee, etc... would be more suitable for you.

    I think Clemence is a great "casual" leather - I see the smooth leathers like Box and Chamonix being more dressy since they're harder to care for, and they're smooth rather than with a visible grain. I think leathers like Chevre can go either dressy or casual.
  4. Togo is lighter. I can say this with 100% certainty because I had the chance of hand-carrying 2 kellys at my local H store. One was in clemence and the other togo. Both were 32cm retourne Kellys. I shut my eyes and swopped them around and could distinctly feel which was the clemence, and which the togo.

    I personally love togo because the grains are more pronouced.

    1) I think clemence is slouchier because the leather is thicker and therefore heavier and therefore sags more, at the sides, and at the top for larger bags 35cm and above.

    2) I think so.

    3) For a larger bag, yes the clemence leather will stretch out more and make the bag lose its shape. For example, the JPG shoulder birkin. But it's ok, because it's a casual bag. I would not want this to happen to a classic birkin or kelly.

    4) It's fairly water resistant but that doesn't mean you should run in the rain with it or take a dive. With any contact of water, wipe away quickly.

    5) IMO, yes. I find clemence leather rather flat. There are much nicer leathers to be had. (read: box calf but it's not for the faint hearted)
  5. Thanks ISUS, TWEETIE, and MRSSPARKLES!! You all answered my questions differently so that I have more to think about. :yes:

    Anyone else, please input. :heart:
  6. Can't add anything new here except I'd have a look at Chevre if you want a very lightweight leather that will keep it's shape and provide adequate water resistance. :smile:
    I also love Clemence, though, but like it in the Bolide and Evelyne styles the best.
  7. I have Clemence and I like the look of a classic structured bag with some slouch to it. It's a bit more casual, especially considering my Birkin is in black with gold hardware which could be considered a dressier look. I like the options I have with it. It is a heavy bag in my opinion, though. I mean, it's not a ton of bricks but you really feel it even when there's just a small agenda and wallet and keys and cell phone in there.
  8. Thanks for your response Greentea!

    I was thinking along the lines of the Evelyne. So will Clemence look okay in this style and be versatile? I think I tried on a togo in the store in tan and loved it. I was just worried about it being unlined and the holes may get poked out?, but with kids....this may be handy for daily use?:s
  9. ^^^Croissant, Thank you, too! We must have been posting at the same time. =)
  10. OOh, an Evelyne! By all means, get Clemence. It's my favorite leather for the Evelyne because the soft "hand" really lends itself to the body-hugging style of the bag. I tried on a white Evelyne in Clemence and it was just perfect.
    Great bags to use when you have little kids in tow.
  11. NewHermes Lover-come join me on the dark side!!! Greentea is right. The softness of the clemence helps the evelyne to really hug your body and not look too big or bulky. Check out my other thread w/the new pic of the evelyne strap shortened. It is wonderful. You can always keep most of your things in a separate small bag so nothing will poke through.

    Come on....go for it!!! I need a partner in crime!!! :devil: or :ninja:

    Keep me posted!!!! :party:
  12. I love my Clemence Evelyne (it's etoupe) and it is so soft and wonderful - it is a great leather for the evelyne -
  13. OOOOeeee!! All you ENABLERS!! :graucho:

    Will be thinking Hard for the next week or so???? Not sure! YET:confused1:

    BUT THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL INPUT!, Keep them coming.:smile: :heart:
  14. i'm still having a hard time telling the difference between the 2. i own a togo kelly but when i brought it to 2 other H stores, the SAs all said it was clemence. i was like, HUH??? when i bought the bag, the SA showed me the tag attached to the box and it did indeed say togo, so i'm pretty sure it's togo. so then y would 2 other SAs from 2 diff stores insist that it was clemence?? unless....they are confused themselves too. hmmm....
  15. ^^wow, that is confusing....

    BUT I KNOW YOU :heart: YOUR BAG STill, RIght!!:yes: and you have another new member coming soon! YAY!