Clemence Vs Fjord

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  1. Could anyone tell me what is the difference between Clemence and Fjord? Is Fjord rare for Birkin/HAC? Only see a lot of birkins in Clemence and Tago.
  2. The difference is significant. Clemence is soft and does not hold a shape as well in a structured bag. Fjord has a more matte appearance and is much more rigid than fjord. Fjord is not all that uncommon in a birkin.

    Both are beautiful, hardy leathers. It's a matter of personal preference.
  3. And there's the smell difference, too! Clemence smells sweeter than Fjord and Fjord has visible veins and smells muskier. Look up old thread, girl... and you'll find whatyour looking for.
  4. Fjord also has a certain sheen, almost a glisten to it. I have a birkin in fjord and it is a really tough leather, A couple of times it has gone through security checks where the security guard has lifted it out of the tray (I put it in to protect it) and put it straight on the conveyor belt. My heart nearly stopped but it came out the other end unscathed
  5. Ms Birkin - I have a fjord but when I play around with it (i.e., fold it gently) near on the front flap area the leather makes this sublime noise as if i am folding a leather with a bit of stuffings in between the two leather. Does this happen to you?
  6. Fjord is my favorite H leather :heart:

    Black Fjord compared to Black Clemence

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  7. Ranag - I agree I love fjord better now although my id name is still loveclemence :smile: Question: when you pinch your fjord, do you feel like there is some stuffing/layer underneath the leather that makes subtle noise when you pinch it? I wonder if it's normal or it's something I should be concerned of.
  8. ^^^^
    I've never tried that - I will pull the bag out again later and see. I doubt it is anything to be concerned about though.
  9. Fjord is my favorite too! And I actually think that it is quite rare. I would love to have another birkin in fjord but I have never seen it, not even in Paris.
  10. My two SO Birkins were supposed to be in Fjord. I never got them - but that is another story. I very seldom see fjord bags in the stores anymore!
  11. OMG!!! May I just say HOW MUCH I LOVE LOVE LOVE :love:the leather (er, excuse me SKIN) aficionados on tPF!

    "And there's the smell difference, too! Clemence smells sweeter than Fjord and Fjord has visible veins and smells muskier." Thanks for that fsuarez!

    Thanks for the comparison pic!

    Fjord is def "firmer" but even so, I don't think it's necessarily much more formal than clemence if it has PH...
    As for seems to go by whatever skins they seem to be turning out at a particular time. I remember in late November/early Decmber 2007 there was a brief glut of fjord..I was offered a fjord Birkin, a fjord HC, a fjord Plume, and I don't remember what else...but for @ a month, it was fjord, fjord, fjord!
  12. Ranag - we can always count on you for leather comparison pictures! :heart: Thank you!
  13. what about weight? which leather tends to be heavier?
  14. I don't know enough about all of the leathers. I wish we could start a thread with a number sytsem - from one to ten...lightest to heaviest (okay to post multiple leathers in one number if appropriate.) Someday maybe!
  15. There was a thread with weights of bags in different leathers... I think Allan might have started it?