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  1. Any comments one way or another on clemence vs. togo?

    My SA put both leather types down for me on my waitlist along with my favorite (Chevre) and I just wondered if there are any positives/negatives between clemence and togo.

    Of course, there were no bags to really see the difference on how they look or feel. Right now I am waitlist for a 35 birkin. Just wanted some input.

    I don't really want a slouchy bag or one that really flops...just a thought there. I welcome any feedback.
  2. That automatically rules out clemence, which slouches and flops. I have a togo Birkin, a little stiffer, but still slouches and flops to a lesser degree. The togo Birkin is also foldable. I hope that gives you a better idea of the two leathers.
  3. I agree, that would rule out Clemence, especially on a 35cm.
  4. So is togo better for people like me who are somewhat rough on their bags? I am waitlisted for a tangerine and I think she suggested togo leather.

    hermes groupie, I think I saw a post in another thread about you getting a birkin the other day. What happened? Congratulations!
    Did you create a thread about it?
  5. Togo is still floppy, I'll post pics of mine later along with the new bag. Haven't started a thread because frankly I've been lazy. Nothing exciting, 35cm black box with ghw.
  6. You all are pretty helpful!

    I thought slouching/flopping occurs with clemence, but the SA moved ahead with it and put it on my list etc. She said it didn't really or very little and when I load up the bag it wouldn't matter etc. I can't stand when they do that and justify something when I feel I am right. I can always reject the bag, but I needed all your advice since you all own so many bags.

    This is the one thing I don't like about Hermes. There are never any bags for reference and various leather types to really see and touch. You are spending good money and you can't really see the product etc.
    I wish they could just have some standard bags that never are sold and are just used for people to handle and see for reference. At least for the most common requested leathers etc. Could it be an easier?

    Nathansgirl...Tangerine is gorgeous! I have to second that one. I could easily love a bag in that color myself. Yummy to the max.

    ******Anyone willing to post comparison pics of their birkins for the slouch factor on clemence vs. togo is most appreciated!********That would help a lot!
  7. Go for togo as it slouches less than clemence.
  8. Chocolate Kelly is togo leather and while I LOVE this bag I must say that the leather is heavy and it does slouch. WHile this is a look a Love, my next Kelly will be Box. Any other leathers you would consider????
  9. Chevre, chevre, chevre. Can't recommend it enough. Holds it's shape, light as a feather and very hardy. And I think it's beautiful, too!
  10. chevre is your only choice from your description of your needs. togo and clemence slouch.
  11. Another vote for Chevre! It is a workhorse of a leather and maintains its good looks for a long time! If you don't like scratches, this is the leather for you!
  12. Kellybag, here are some pics of my 45cm togo Birkin so you can better assess its "slouch-ability". The last picture is with the bag stuffed.

    Nathansgirl, I will post pictures of the latest Birkin on a new thread so I don't hijack this one.

  13. my next bag will be anything else but togo.......togo gets heavy with bigger bags such as my birkin 40

    but still chevre seem to be the favourite here....
    #but between clemence and togo, definitly togo!
  14. If anyone worries about the slouching, a purseket would help a lot :smile:

    Is there a chance to find a birkin 35 in Chevre? One SA thought I was out of my mind on that one. More likely a 30 if at all. So I was told it is hard to get enough of the same skin to make the 35. For those in the know, what do you say about finding a 35?

    I just wonder if I am offered a 30 Chevre should I grab it?

    Do you owners of both the 30 and 35's see a big difference in the sizes? Visually I see a difference in the look of the bag. I do like the look of the 35 more, but I am wondering if a 30 comes my way in chevre (in a lovely color) should I grab it?
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