Clemence Slouch - HELP!!!

  1. OK Girls....

    While in NY recently I fell in LOVE with a fellow tPF'ers bag - this bag was a 30cm Birkin in Taurellion Clemence. So off I go to my store to ask about ordering this bag, and I find out that the colour I'm seeking is only available in Clemence. Now, I'm a structured bag kinda gal, and my Massai is Clemence (really squishy, but is lined in fabric, of course).

    So my question is, before I place the slouchy is a Birkin in Clemence if it is 30cm??????? I have seen pics of 35's that practically KEEL over, they are so soft and squishy - which is lovely, but not the look I'm after.

    Can you help?
  2. It will slouch, but FAR less than the 35cm. Now...what color are we talking about?

    Could it be a blue...... :smile:
  3. Hope someone here will post a picture of their 30cm Clemence birkin to show you, K. No amount of description would be enough here. :yes:
  4. Mine is relatively new but it really has no slouch whatsoever. Here is a picture for whoever isn't sick of seeing it already!:p the black is a 35 and has a bit more slouch but behaves more like a togo than a clemence.
    leather pix 003_1.jpg leather pix 004_1.jpg
  5. ^your blue is clemence, RC? OK, that looks fab to me! I wonder how it will behave over time?
  6. he, he, he....nope!

    It's a fairly new
  7. Hmmm, sounds like Etoupe but I know that's available in Swift . . .
  8. well I think you should just sell me your gorgeous cham and move on to a less structured bag.
  9. That was what I thought too!
  10. ^LOL...L, you'll be the first on my list if I ever do sell her! I've had quite a few offers to buy her, actually....
  11. not etoupe, but close......
  12. Yes, both are clemence.
  13. My 35 clemence is one loose lady...she spreads them w/ the least provocation...
  14. GF, if this 30cm Birkin is in fact Etoupe in the Taurillion Clemence, you will love it! As you know, that's the same as my Kelly. I reckon the 30cm is compact enough not to slouch too much.
  15. GF likes 'em fast and cheap.......LMAO!!!!!