clemence or togo?

  1. Which do you prefer and why?

    I see a lot of posts referring to bags in clemence and although I have read the reference section, I would like to learn more. Any pictures to show the difference would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. As boring as this answer will sound...personal preference is a big part of this.
    Togo is a little lighter, a little stiffer, has a more convex grain if you look closely. Clemence has a fair amount of variability in the size of the grain, has a softer, nicer "hand." I prefer the scent of Togo. Clemence is currently more easily available than Togo.
  3. ^Agree.
    While Togo is initially stiffer, when it collapses, it collapses more than Clememce which is soft and squishy, but is thicker and does not change as much with time. BUT there is variability in skins of both.
  4. Togo because it has a nicer grain and it's lighter.
  5. I prefer clemence. I prefer the grain, lack or veining and the softer hand. I do love togo but only if it is the togo without veining.
  6. I like both, but the more clemence bags that I see, the more I prefer clemence. :tup:
  7. I prefer Togo over Clemence any time, for the reasons cited by Pepper.
  8. Colours show up differently on the different leathers. In general, I'd say that the colour is richer or deeper in Clemence than Togo. You might want to check out your chosen colour in the 2 leathers to see which you prefer - personally while I find gold a pretty shade in Togo, I do not like it in Clemence. Clemence is a thick squashy leather to touch, togo feels finer.

    Ideally, I'd go with Togo over clemence but there seems to be a bit of a dearth of the bigger bags in Togo at my local Hermes!
  9. Agree. I also like the veiny parts in Togo, I find that gives character and thus each piece (bag) is different. :tup:

    Aside from colours, do you prefer slouchiness or more rigidity in your bag? Clemence will slouch and flop over a lot more than Togo.

    And generally, smooth and less textured skins (eg Box and Swift) looks more formal than grainy ones like Clemence and Togo.
  10. I like Clemence better. I don't like how togo feels in comparison. And Clemence just has a better look to me. And like someone else said, the colors seem more rich on clemence.
  11. I love Clemence, as noted in my sig!x
  12. I have one bag in each, and because of the colors they are in I wouldn't want the leathers of either of them to be different. I think Gold is better in Togo, and with the GH, my bag looks better (more 'refined') in the stiffer leather. I also love the veining. My Clemence birkin is in Ebene, with PHW...and it has become very soft and slouchy. This makes it very casual. It's completely a matter of what works for the individual and the colors that are available.
  13. I also love Clemence :heart: The grain on my Bolide isnt too large, and its very uniform.
  14. I agree with what rockerchic says as to why clemence has a slight edge over togo. I have bags in each (in fact, all of mine are togo or clemence). I would say that if a bag became available that was the right size, color and hardware, i would not turn it down in either leather. Togo and clemence are virtually interchangeable if not at times indistinguishable. As for smell, they both smell like a new car. Togo is more like the leather in BMWs and Clemence is more like a Mercedes. Clemence is a little more subtle smell but they both smell heavenly, there is no doubt.
  15. I have gold togo and rouge H clemence birkins. Love them both, but like the feel of clemence a bit more. I would have ordered my next bags in clemence, except I must say I don't like the newer clemence bags that sort of puddle -- that is just a bit too smooshy for me, especially in a brand new bag. My clemence bag, while soft, holds its form a bit more.