Clemence Browns? Help me pick a color!

  1. I'm planning a Bolide as my next major H bag. :love: :love:
    What I know for sure is that I want a 31cm and the leather has to be Clemence (I like the texture and I already have 2 other Togo bags.) What I'm not sure on is the color. I know I want a neutral brown. I used to want gold, but I think I've moved on to something darker in the chocolate range. :shrugs:
    Anyone know which chocolate browns are currently being made in Clemence? What would be better? Ebene (I know this one is being made) or the regular Chocolat (not quite as dark.) What about Cocoan or Marron Fonce? Are these other three browns even made in Clemence right now?

    Thanks, addicts!
  2. we are thinking the exact same thing here GT. I would love to have one in Noisette if they make them in clemence!!

    Now i am hopelessly addicted to the mou bolide in 31...
  3. ^ Oh, I'd forgotten about Noisette! That needs to be an option, too!

    Does it come in Clemence, though......? Hmmmmm.....
  4. does clemence come in mou? i thought mou was an especially soft-structured bag, beyond just using a slouchy leather, where they do not use an additional layer of leather, thereby removing any extra support to the bag creating the softest possible profile.

    as for colors, ebene with gh is ...:love: :love: :love:
  5. Havane?? The trim on my first picotin was havane and I thought it delicious!
  6. Yes, clemence comes in Bolide is mou clemence, in fact, my BJ Bolide was too as I specifically requested it. And as for mou also being a specific construction, I believe that's correct, HiHeels.
  7. I don't think the non-mou Bolides come in Clemence. But I have seen Togo rigide Bolides.

    Havane is beautiful but I think it has a little too much red in it for the color I'm thinking of. :smile:
  8. That i am not sure, i only know noisette is a very elegant color in chevre... :heart:

    I ordered my Karo GM in noisette chevre

    will check with my SA and get back to u :yes:
  9. Ebene!!!! I just keep staring at my the color and it goes with everything! :yes:
  10. ^ Ebene is very high on my list, Crochet! I wish I could compare it side-by-side to chocolat
  11. Can we get some pictures of Greentea's choices, so that we can have a visual for voting?

    Anyone own or can locate any pics?
  12. ^ thank you, KB!! That would help me. My store never has anything in Chocolat, but I have seen Ebene Clemence.
  13. I'm not familiar with browns but anything in a mou bolide and you can't go wrong IMO!
  14. here's Ebene Clemence...wish I had a pic of chocolat too!
  15. Shoes, do I DARE talk about your NEXT Bolide? hehe
    Will it be a Mou?