Clemance vs Togo

  1. I of course just got the brighton blue clemance in 30cm birkin...and I have a raisin togo 35cm birkin too.

    I feel the togo is more sturdy, durable, etc

    and my chevre kelly I feel is really really durable


    I have a 35cm clemance birkin on order...will I regret it?
  2. I have the 35 clemence in black and love, love, love it!!
    Oh, you have the raisin? are pix posted somewhere? that is on my dream list!
  3. My little raisin is at the spa relaxing. once she gets back I will go pick her up and take a fam pic.

    how is the durability of clemance?

    does your 35cm clemance sag alot? I just think its so much more saturated in a good way with the color.

    my brighton blue when I first got her...had the tiny tiny tiniest section of a little color brush off in the front butg you have to be in a certain light and hold it at a certain angle.

    I miss my raisin. I hope she comes back soon!
  4. I like how soft Clemance looks but would much rather own a Togo since it holds it's shape better and I like how durable it is.
  5. I hope I do not regret changing my rouge garance from a 30cm to a 35cm...........and from togo to clemance
  6. My Birkin is 2 years old but new to me. I don't see sag but I don't think it was used much before me. The leather is so rich and soft...I think it is wonderful for the Birkin style, especially. some of the other more experience women will answer, I am sure.
    I can't wait to see pix of your raisin!!
  7. I bought her last April...and carried her non stop along with my black chevre kelly.

    I am really wanting something box..........badly I just do not know what yet.

    I can't wait for my 35cm rouge garance. happy me
  8. and when I go in...I can see in the bolide....when its clemance its more saggy like. still amazing
  9. thank you!!
  10. I personally feel that Box looks best on a Kelly. I'm in love with the Chocolate Box Calf Kelly ShopMom411 just got :love::heart::love:
  11. i agree, box in a kelly is divine. :smile:

    is your raisin beauty the one where you fell accidentally on top of it or something and scuffed it? or was that someone else, gg?

    hope she comes back in good health :smile:

    and from what i hear clemence is slouchier than togo but takes colors really well. the rouge garance could be very lovely in the clemence leather.
  12. I'm pretty sure that was Shopmom....