Cleche Bohemian - Urgent!

Hi Folks. There apparently is a huge color transfer problem with the Cleche Bohemian. I wore mine with jeans today (it's a jeans casual bag) and within 3 hours, the bag was ruined. The dye from my jeans (quality, not cheapies) discolored the whole back of the bag, and the fabric of the bag pilled horribly. Fortunately I was at my LV boutique (picking up the tassel charm for the bag) when I noticed it, so I just left it there and put all my stuff in a shopping bag to come home. The store manager is going to call someone tomorrow about it. I don't know what the resolution will be with respect to my bag, but I will let you know. I'm hoping it can be cleaned, but....

The care booklet warns not to wear the bag with light colors because the black jacquard letters will transfer onto your clothes. So you can't wear it with dark colors and you can't wear it with light colors. Ummm. I see a problem here.

BTW, the booklet also warns that the black letters will run onto the beige fabric after time.

Obviously I'm not happy at all. This bag is so cute it sold out almost as soon as it hit the stores.

Stay tuned.

Oh, can someone ping Megs about this? I think I saw a post saying she had gotten this bag.


Feb 13, 2010
What a shame - it is such a gorgeous bag! Hope LV refunds you, because that's really not good enough, ESPECIALLY the pilling issue...I'd be really upset if that was my bag!!
Nov 21, 2006
I love this bag, but I was afraid of color transfer because I always wear jeans, so I wouldnt even consider getting it.


Feb 8, 2009
Man I can't imagine having to worry about light colors and dark colors. Too much trouble. Do you think you want to just get a different bag?

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Sep 23, 2008
I am SO sorry this happened to you! I haven't carried mine yet, but I think I might get it out and try and use it tomorrow and the rest of the week and see what happens......I will be SO upset if this happens. It is totally a casual bag and I don't know what I would wear it with other than jeans, khakis and shorts, this really stinks! Also the pilling!! I hate that when the fabric bunches up into little balls, yuck! Please keep your thread updated with news, as I'll be sure to follow it. I might even give my SA a jingle towords the end of the week and see if he's heard anything about this....I LOVE this bag, I will be so sad if it is not wearable, hopefully they will refund your money, or at least exchange the bag for something else! Good luck, again, I am so sorry this happened to you!


Feb 27, 2010
How awful. I have had a major bag crush since I saw photos of this gorgeous bag. What a disappointment to find that this beautiful piece is so extremely delicate to the point of being unuseable! I am sad for you. I hope LV can make things right.
Aug 11, 2008
a 2000$+ bag that is made of fabric is pilling.......? after a couple of hours of wear? really? REALLY? my 90$ track pants don't start wearing until after years of constant wear. :| i would go to the manager and DEMAND a refund if i was you... spending THOUSANDS of dollars on a bag made of fabric that may colour transfer or leak is enough... but i associate pilling with poorly constructed cheap fabric if it occurs after only a couple of hours of wear! i know that the mini lin fabric line used to pill after a while of constant wear too, but that usually took around 6 months to happen, didnt it? and those bags were SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper. really? pilling? its a cute bag but i wouldnt even ask the manager for a cleaning... based on the pilling alone i would be tossing that bag and buying a mahina. :sick: i thought these bags were well made. or at least enough to not look like crap after one wear... this puts me off.
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Jan 3, 2009
dang that sucks! hopefully LV will offer a solution that is to your liking. at this point what did you want LV to do? for them to clean the bag? a new bag? a refund?
Aug 11, 2008
HAH! i just read their site.:yucky::yucky:

"an innovative fabric obtained through a complex weaving process..."

if so... it wouldn't PILL after one wear.