Cleary plastic handbags?

  1. Has anyone been seeing and reading about these clear bags by YSL, Chanel, BE&D, etc.? They are really expensive, and I think it would be silly to carry around a clear bag! And lining the bag with a scarf seems a hassle too. Do you guys think this will be a style hit or miss?
  2. I have just remembered, I had a big, clear bag as a child. :yes:

    It was a shopper style, with a wide, horizontal, strip of plastic in the middle, wide-ish strips of black leather at the top and the bottom, longish black leather handles and a black leather base.

    I loved it, as we used to stay with friends of my Dad's, in the school holidays, in a seaside town (Southport - for all you NW UKers! :biggrin:) and it was great for both going to the beach and going shopping with my Mum. But this was quite some time before I had to worry about 'lady things' showing in my bag! :lol:

    I think clear bags will prove to be wonderful for use on holiday and particularly, for use at the beach, or poolside; with little more than a bikini, a colourful towel, some sunscreen and a Juicy Tubes in them. But for everyday use in a city? I'm not so sure.... :shrugs:

    Of course, one could use lots of beautiful accessories (wallets, make-up cases etc.), so nothing embarrassing would show. But, wouldn't that amount to an overt advert to thieves?!! :shocked: Many people hesitate to carry obvious looking designer bags, partly for this reason and I don't think most people will want to carry an expensive laptop and/or other expensive electronic devices, even in cases/sleeves, in full view. :s

    I know thieves already know that many of us carry these things in our bags, anyway, but surely, showing them not only what, but exactly where they are, is too much information? :shrugs:

    Like you, I would never bother lining a clear bag with a scarf. What on earth would be the point of buying a clear bag (presumably, for the look of it) and then lining it?!! :blink:
  3. Unless it's a beach bag for carrying your bathing suit, I fail to see the point.
  4. I think they look great empty or, as chloehandbags pointed out, filled with lovely accessories. But for the most part, knowing me, it would just look messy.
  5. Too revealing IMO. I carry some strange things in my bag sometimes and I could imagine people gawking too see what I have in there. I don't want anyone to know that I use Kotex security Tampons! :shocked:

    P.S. I love Juicy Tubes!!!
  6. I wouldn't buy one personally. It reminds me of the kids that when to school in the city and were REQUIRED to have clear backpacks.
  7. ^ Were they required to have clear backpacks because they had been caught carrying weapons and/or drugs?

    Sorry for my ignorance, BTW! :shame: