Clearly...This is a used Handbag

  1. I just received my much anticipated Kelly and clearly it is a returned item. My girlfriend picked it up for me in Palm Beach and she suspected that it had been a return. I asked to speak to the SA, and she reassured me that it was not. I'm looking at it now, and the scuff marks under the handbags are quite visible. What do I do??? I can't fly to Palm Beach and New-York is the closest Boutique. Do you think they could or will help me??? Please advise.:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. If you have the receipt and original shipping package, I would try NYC to deal with it.
  3. Pics would help, MOTO.....can you post some?
  4. oopsie.......ok. Do you have the original receipt?
  5. Melliesmom10-I do have the receipt

    S'Mom-I'll ask my husband how to post, I've never had to do it before. The silverware under the handbag is very scuffed.

  6. if you mean the feet...........that could be just from being in the store. they dont all have plastic on the feet
  7. That is not ok. If the bag is purchased at the boutique, it really should be completely new and in pristine condition. sorry to hear about this!
  8. OMG! return the bag!
  9. You know, MOTO.....if you can return the bag directly to the store within the next 10-days (I think that's the exchange policy) they should be able to issue a credit without a problem. And you can use that credit toward something else.
  10. I'm heartbroken...There is a little scuff on the leather underneath the Handbag. Robin, the Manager at the Madison location said that she would be willing to help if Palm Beach okays the exchange. Is this how it usually works?? I will call Palm Beach, but I am visibly upset that the SA claimed it was new from the box. Would she have known if it was a return??
  11. Great advice S'Mom. Definitely try to get it exchanged, credited, within the ten days from purchase shown on the receipt.
  12. this sounds like a nightmare! i hope everything works out in the end!
  13. I would find out the name of the SA in Palm Beach and call and speak with him/her directly and have them deal with this since the bag came from them in the first place. Was this put on your cc or friends's cc? I would notify cc company that you are opening a dispute.
  14. It was put on my cc. Is it unusual to receive a handbag without any bluefilm plastic protection on any of the hardware. I understand that they may remove some of the plastic for demonstration, but in my case, there is no plastic on any of the hardware(lock, keys, feet, and shoulder strap).
  15. Moto: It is pretty unusual to get a bag woth absolutely no plastic on. I have gotten a couple of Birkins with the plasticonly on the two hardware plates on the front and none on the turn lock or the feet. Also, there is usually, but not always plastic on the strap harware. I have seen my SA remove plastic when showing me a bag, but this really sounds like a returned bag that wasn't examined properly. I would contact the manager of the PB store and let him/her know the issues and tell them you will return the bag to them for a store credit.

    I hope you will be able to replace it quickly and exactly!