Clearing Shoe Clutter

  1. How long do you keep a pair of shoes? I have Prada Maryjanes from ten years ago...keep or donate? If you haven't worn shoes in so many years do you keep them just in case?:wtf:
  2. I just cleaned out my closets and got rid of anything I did not wear, like or want because I am trying to simpilify my life and organize everything. I don't think I kept any shoes that were over 3 years old. I figure if I haven't wore them I will probably not wear them in the future. It is refreshing to clear out the clutter and I did buy some nice things these past few months so I am happy.
  3. Thanks gillianna...3 years is a good idea!
  4. I do shoe cleaning every year- but then the ones I ahvent worn in 1 year just get shuffled to a different, distant closet. I only sell or toss the oens that dont fit or I just absolutely HATE...
  5. If you're not using them you need to get rid of them. They are taking up space. I say either donate them or put them up on consignment.
  6. I agree w/ elongreach. I just cleaned my shoe closet not too long ago and donated several pairs and bought some shoes that I could reall use.
  7. I change out my closets each spring and fall so I donate everything (if in good condition) I haven't used the prior 12 months. I make an exception for shoes that are special occasion (and I still have the dress they go with). I finally got rid of all of my chunky heels this last year, because I don't wear them. I admit I held onto them a bit longer than I should have. I find it so much easier to create outfits and to know what I do and don't need when the clutter is cleaned out. Besides, I want to wear my favorite shoes, not the ones I've chosen not to wear for some reason or another!