Clearblue Fertility monitor

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  1. So i just bought this and it came today. I'm going to start it tomorrow which is day 5 of my cycle (the last day you can start it). I plan on getting up for work around 7 am so that would be i can test anytime from 4 am and 10 am on the days I'm supposed to correct? And do I just keep holding the m button until day 5 comes up?

    Anyone have any experience good or bad with it? I'm excited to start as i hope it works better then the digital opks.

    My only worry is next month I'm going to spain the week after I'm due to get af so how would I set it with the time difference a week before?
  2. There are a number of discussions on the CBFM in the TTC subsection. I found two threads:

    Once search is working again, you can search for more threads/posts on it.

    I used it and found it was super easy to use. The instructions should help you with the device, and isn't there a toll-free customer support number to call re: time change questions?

    Good luck!
  3. Just FYI there are some great apps on the phone u can use - like my days and maybe baby. Those may help u too
  4. I used it and got pregnant successfully three times with it. I cannot say enough about it! OPKs never worked for me and neither did the apps. The monitor helped me realize that I am someone whose ovulation changes drastically every month so it was nearly impossible to predict when I was ovulating. The monitor detected though and I was successful. Yes, you can set it until Day 5. As for the time difference. You will have to get up to test during the allotted time frame, taking into account the time difference as you can't adjust it after Day 5. The other option would be to start it next month after your trip.
  5. I used the app Monthly Cycles and conceived the second month of trying. Good luck!!
  6. I'll download that one too right now I've been trying fertility friend (which has been off with telling me when I'm getting my af) and p tracker which has been on point