Clear Totes

  1. We got our clear D and Bee totes today. One lunch tote, and one shopper. They are so cute. I ordered in April.
  2. I'd love to see some pics
  3. I received an email that the large shopper was available. It's adorable!!
  4. i just saw the bumble bee that the one that you're talking about...ahh, there must be more different patterned ones. my eye goes to the bumble bee one. oh my gosh, i wonder how the lunch tote is, it looks soo soo cute. when i first saw that, i wanted it! i'm still kind of debating if i'd go for that clear plastic. can you post a pic of yours please? i'd like to see how it looks in a little more real life if you could capture that if possible.
  5. I ordered the Madras on Wed after I received my email. It arrives Tues. Can't wait!!
  6. I will get pictures soon. The lunch tote is a little smaller than I expected, and the shopper is a little larger.
  7. Here they are. The wine bottle is included for size reference. The plastic is still on the handles of the shopper. [​IMG]
  8. you are super! they both look adorable. what are you planning to do with the lunch tote? ;) i'd use it as just a purse. can it go over your shoulders?
  9. Cute bags! Thanks for posting pics.
  10. The bees are so cute!
  11. :huh:h, that lunch tote size is soo cute.. and well, perfect for carrying lunch! :p
  12. I've got my eye on one of the clear mambo duffles...they're hot.
  13. Hi there...I usually don't post here but the lunch totes don't go over your shoulder.
  14. They are really cute.
  15. You are correct MrsLinas. The shopper does go over the shoulder though. DH is using the shopper to take stuff to work. I don't know what I am going to do with the tote, but it is cute to keep around.