Clear Tote...

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  1. If you type "tote" into the search on the website, the clear tote comes up with a description. $498 it is a little much for a PVC tote (which is how it's described) in my opinion, but for those who are interested you can now find it.
  2. not worth it imho... maybe for $99 :smile:
  3. Not even $99 i would pay $49!! Its ridiculous its CLEAR vinyl!!!
  4. finally something i think coach makes too expensive. :cry:
  5. I would pay $20 tops for a PVC clear plastic bag.
  6. ^^^ Agree! In all honesty, this will probably make Walmart in a month and be for $15. It's a fad and it shows the world your purse contents... bleh
  7. I like it!!! but for $500 Vinyl, Walmart sounds good to me!:smile:
  8. I know! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, orange is by leaps and bounds my favorite color, but I would never spend that much. oh well.....
  9. if there was 24k gold inbedded in the PVC I might want it :nuts:
  10. Waaaay too much $$$!:shocked:
  11. The innards of my purse are waaaaaaaaaaay too personal (and messy!) for the world to see them. *L* Plus, I definitely agree that asking that much for a pvc bag is insane. Coach is normally pretty good with their pricing, but this one is WAY off.
  12. I saw that on the site today and was like "Whaaaa?"" That looks like something you could get at Old Navy for $19.50!!
  13. At least it's not $1000 like Chanel's plastic tote I guess...
  14. Yeah, way too much for PVC! It looks like a free GWP (gift with purchase) from Clinque. :confused1:
  15. You have got to be kidding me!!!