clear tote from the back cover coming out in May

  1. Know I've seen a few people wondering whether the tote on the back cover of the newest catalog would really be available...according to this, it's coming out in May:

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  2. that chanel nude tote is a must have, I am going to call chanel and see if they have that bag. great for the beach, pool, i gotta have it.
  3. what?! i'm SO excited!!! :yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo:

    i have been wondering about this since i saw it on the catalog, and most people assumed it was just a prop. this is such a cute beach bag!
  4. It's really cute but the price says $498. $498? Why? (and that Chanel bag is gorgeous! Love the handles!)
  5. $498 for a freakin' clear tote bag with the coach name on it?

    are you KIDDING me?

    My $7 wal-mart tote bag or "free with purchase" bag from Lancome a few years ago works FINE for me...

    sorry...i honestly can't see spending nearly $500 for a plastic bag...JMO.
  6. I hear ya! I think I'll pass on that one no matter how cute it may be. I don't like people to see all the crap I'm carrying and I'm not going to spend $500 on a bag that will end up in the sand and on a boat (I fish so it would get pretty damn nasty). LMAO.
  7. Ummm 500 dollars for a plastic bag!!:wtf: No thanks, I love Coach, but I dont love that much.
  8. ok- im the strange one again. i own 2 clear plastic purses & i just might buy this one from coach. crazy huh ? i noticed it on the catalog & loved it !
  9. Definitely not for me - I have a hard enough time paying $500 for a leather bag (not that I haven't done it), let alone plastic!
  10. i just looked at that article again, and it looks different from the one on the back of the catalog - more cheaply made, i suppose. the one on the catalog has more of a snakeskin-like texture to the leather trim.

    i wonder how big this is.
  11. ugh, no more clear stuff!
  12. That clear one will probably become a favorite with the counterfeiters too. I imagine it'll be pretty easy to copy. You'll be seeing them on eBay before the end of the month.
  13. I personally don't think I have enough opportunities to bare all of my personal items or go to the beach enough to justify a $500 clear bag... Maybe if I lived in FL instead of MI...:shrugs:
  14. I love it, but I think I will spend my $500 on a nicer purse.
  15. Uh, yeah. I can't even imagine buying one of those clear plastic bags anyway. Plastic is plastic! But to spend $500 just because it says COACH is a joke and frivolous. I swear I highly doubt there will be any quality difference in that one and one you spend $20 for at Target.