Clear Tote Bag?

  1. Does anyone know where I can find a nice, clear tote bag? I need a new "summery" tote for bringing into work. Currently I have a black one but I thought something clear would be fun! Maybe something around the 15x11x5 size, give or take. Any ideas/suggestions?

    Thanks!! :biggrin:
  2. Ohh! Thank you! I'm going to check these out!
  3. On another forum, someone mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Gap has quite a number of clear bags.
  4. I saw a cute Prada one at NM recently.
  5. I found these two Chanels on bluefly. I'm not sure how we all feel about bluefly these days after the Balenciaga disaster but .....

  6. What happened..?
  7. The last batch of Bbags were fakes ...... there's a thread on it ...
  8. There is a clear Juicy beach bag I got last month that comes with a towel and some pins......also the LV Ambre collection is clear.
  9. Isaac Mizrahi at Target has a big clear tote online right now.
  10. CoachKatie those Chanel's on Bluefly are gorgeous but there are sooooooooo many on ebay that you can get it for half the price! Just some of them:

    This turquiose one is being sold by one of my fave ebay sellers ONLYMODA ( I bought 5 dustbags from her and one was defective, but I got a replacement within days at no charge and no questions asked!)

    Good luck!