Clear Straight On Photos of MOCA Items...

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  1. Hi guys,

    I have a huge favor....I am looking for some good, straight on, photos of the items from MOCA. If you have them....and you wouldn't mind me borrowing them for the reference thread....could you please post them here???

    I'd like to get that thread updated tonight/tomorrow!!!

  2. I'd love some too.
  3. i take some pictures, but i do not know you want the pics for the bag or the murakami show?

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  4. Thanks Lynne!!!

    Just want to bump this....anyone else have pics? Any straight on agenda pics??? I know someone has to out there LOL
  5. THese are NOT from my collection (i wish!!!)...
    hope this can help you out.

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  6. One more....

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  7. OMG! I love the agenda!!!!

  8. ^^^

    lol, I prefer the panda, rather than the "mushroom", lol.....
  9. Thank you so much travel!!!!!
  10. Oh i love this event.