CLEAR Scalp & Hair Therapy Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner, Damage & Color Repair

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  1. I was at Target yesterday and it was on sale for $4.99 so I decided to try it out. I washed my hair ONE time with it and it feels AMAZING and smells even better. I had to use less product and almost no hairspray today and my hair looks fabulous! I am not one to buy drug store products but I'm glad I did! LOVE IT!
  2. To bad I put Rant, it should be RAVE! LOL
  3. I liked this a lot initially and then I felt like it was making my hair flat and feel dry at the ends and greasy around the roots and I don't have greasy hair ever. Hopefully you'll continue liking it, but it was back to salon brand shampoo/conditioner for me.
  4. When Influenster sent this out in boxes a few months ago, I tried it. Sadly, yet another shampoo I've had an allergic reaction to. It may have something to do with the fragrance used, but I can't use this.
  5. I tried this and didn't like it. It made me have dry skin on my scalp. =(
  6. I love this stuff, I need to try the color treated hair. I tried the regular one
  7. Loved when I first got it so went out and got another shampoo/conditioner set to keep at boyfriend's. Unfortunately, after a few weeks, my scalp started getting REALLY itchy and irritated. What happened to clear scalp?? My scalp was really itchy to begin with which is why I bought this. Now I have 4 unfinished bottles I never want to use again!
  8. I got the color mask, my hair feels soo soft! Hopefully it stays going good for me.