clear plastic LV bag?

  1. Did LV make a mono-print clear plastic bag, with leather and amber plastic chain handles? I just saw someone with this at work, and it looked fake for a number of reasons, but I'm wondering whether it was a copy of a LV design, or if someone just made it up completely.
  2. I think you answered your own question... :P But yes, there was an Ambre line, which is now discontinued. :crybaby:

  3. Yeah..and you can usually determine it's authenticity because the authentic ones are a bit more see through than the fakes. In other words, your items inside your purse are more visible when you're carrying the real thing.
  4. IMO the worst fakes have been the Amber line. I see so many of those at yard sales..they are totally putrid!! I love the real Amber...its on my wish list! :smile:
  5. There are actually a few "clear" plastic lv bags. Issac Mizrahi designed one but it was all clear, hard to find btw. Another one is the Reade GM but with the ambre clear lv thing also. It's also hard to find. I saw it in a lv book =] Then you have the Ambre line.
  6. I have the clear amber small tote and once you see the real you can tell the difference. The fakes do not hold there shape and also the brown chain is almost black with the tortishell color on the real ones. The fakes is an amber color almost orange. This is my favorite bag bought off of this forum when we could buy and sell.
  7. ALso this clear tote came in a small and large. The photo above is the large. It is discountinued now by LV.
  8. they also made a clear EPI bag similar to the sac plat...
  9. I know very little about these, but this looked fake to me primarily because the mono did not match up along the side seam - an authentic one would be lined up perfectly. Also, one of the handles was stamped "Louis Vuitton" in a way that just didn't look right, and the "Louis Vuitton" on the rivets looked off.
  10. I saw one of those last week. :yucky:
  11. The Ambre line came in 5 styles.

    Cabas PM, GM, and MM

    Neo Cabas

    And another style that looks similar to a large shopping bag, with thin straps and no tortoise shell links. I think this one was a lot more rare because I can't find a pic for it, but I know it exists!
  12. It probably was fake then.
    As much as I hate to say it, I saw the fakes before I saw the authentic ones when they came out so I thought they were ALL fake. Then I learned LV actually made something that looked similar. I really never cared much for them. :Push:
  13. o those with the thin straps ARE real??? i saw one on MY SWEET SIXTEEN and i thought it was fake
  14. OMG that's hotttt.