Clear plastic bag for handbags. What thickness should I get?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I want to order some clear plastic bags from to protect the handbags when shipping. What thickness should I order? There are 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 4ml... size available. I am thinking to get 1ml because they are the cheapest. What do you think?

    TIA! :biggrin:
  2. You should be fine with the 1ml, which are quite thin. I would, personally, buy the cheapest bags as long as they hold up which they should.
  3. I have some 1 Mil from Uline, and I think they work fine. They are light enough to wrap around and tape easily, but not too light that they tear. There are some sellers on the bay that have small quantities, so you could try it out without investing too much.
  4. Yes, that is a good choice and since other sellers have used them, you should be fine shipping with it.
  5. pjrufus: thanks for your input. I will check out those small sellers on the bay. Between and them, whoever sells cheaper, I will get from that place.

    hotshot, Luxe Diva: : thank you for you guys opinion.

    I just bought some white tissue paper size 20x30 on the bay. I am thinking to wrap my handbags with tissue paper then put them in clear plastic bags.
    I sold few handbags in the last months and always put them in gift box then carton box. Many tissues and air bags. Buyers seem very happy but I find it's a bit inconvenience for me. First, the shipping cost is more expensive. Secondly, I have to ask for gift boxes all the time. And I buy many handbags, not only few.

    I don't know that way of packing is enough to make the buyers satisfied. I am selling designer items like Coach, Kate Spade, Cole Hanns, Michael Kors....I think those buyers spending money on designers will be more picky and they "demand" more!! :P

    What do you guys think?

    What do you guys think?
  6. not sure about what kind of plastic bags you can get for your bags but you might get a better responce in a different forum. maybe under bags and not ebay
  7. I've been selling that same line for a while now. Buy 2 mil bags in two sizes, large and small. There will be times when priority mail cartons will not work and for those I use uline multi-height cartons. 14x12x6 fits most items. Anything larger and I have to start scrounging.

    In the past I've work in logistics for a major TV shopping channel and I can tell you first hand that presentation and proper packaging means everything (after rapid shipping that is!).

    Best of luck!

    And I have to add that it doesn't matter if they spend $300 on a Coach or $10 on a LeSportsac, they should still be packed with the same amount care.
  8. I use the 20X36 2 mil bags from uline. I also use the thank you style grocery bags from them.
  9. noshoepolish: : I am debating between 20x26 and 20x30. 20x36 is very huge size then. But they are good for large tote. I will think about it.
    Thanks for your opinion.

    mydogsfriend: thank you for your input. You must be one of my...competitors then!! Heheh..:P Just K/D.

    Surely, I want to pack every single item with love and care doesn't matter how inexpensive the item is. My concern is those buyers buying more expensive items would expect a "fancy" packing. :biggrin:. Since you have been working in shopping channel before, could you please give me a quick tutorials how you pack up your merchandises? TIA. I am even thinking to buy something from Lord and Taylor or Bloomies, and learn how they do it. Don't laugh at me because I always buy my handbags at store and never get them via web. Therefore, I have no ideas how the handbags should be proper packed. :biggrin:

    When you say large and small, can you specify the dimensions of both.
  10. Since you sell Coach bags maybe you can go to a store and see how they wrap the tissue around their items. They use white paper and roll/wrap, then fold the last edge over on itself so the cut edge is inside, then use a sticker (instead of tape) to hold it. Then the two ends are tucked inside the package without take or stickers. I'd think once you got the hang of it it'd be quick and simple while looking very nice. Maybe stickers with "Thank You" on them or one of your initials could be found inexpensively?

    I much prefer tissue paper for wrapping instead of the used grocery bags some people use. And stuff the purse a little so it doesn't come out squashed.
  11. I like the plain white gift tissue paper from CVS. It's big like Coach's tissue paper. For box, 14" x 14" x 6" is great size...fits most bags n standard Coach gift box. I purchased bags from ebay all the time, n likes it when I get my bag wrapped in tissue paper n inside big ziploc bag 18" x 24" one of my regular seller always do. It keeps the bag from getting wet, in case it's raining.
  12. No doubt that we would compete for the same people but whenever I think about the vast number of buyers out there I am thankful that there are others doing the same thing to keep everyone satisfied!

    QVC would not be a good example of how to pack - they had some standard boxes and it didn't matter if it was a Dooney or a set of cookware - if they determined that was the right box then that's how it went. And they were not good about using packing material to soften the bumps either. I suggest order something from Zappos. Not only do they offer exceptional customer service, they pack well.

    Just make sure it's secure and can't bump around in the carton, that it's sealed in plastic try to present the front facing up so they are instantly pleased when they open the box. I've actually had fb that commented on the packing! Seal with enough tape to secure it and I usually try to run a strip down each side as it gives the packing carton a better quality look and feel. And we may be tempted to re-use the cartons we get but try to avoid that unless you have an oversized that won't fit a standard.

    Here's what I use from u-line: Bags 12 x 18 item #S-1010, 18 x 24 item S-1011 and multi-depth carton item #S-4423.

    I'd better shut up now before I give away all my tricks!
  13. usually when I ship a bag I put it in the dustbag (if it came with one), wrap it in tissue paper, the double bag it in a clean grocery bag (usually I will just grab an extra couple from shoprite. Then I wake news paper and crumple it up in any empty space to keep the bag from bumpring around in the box. Its a really cheap and efficient way to package.
  14. Thanks Joce for starting this thread.
    And thanks to Mydogsfriend for the helpful advice. I really had no idea what mil. bags to order, I ended up getting a pack from a friend with a store. But I need to order larger ones. And...I love the idea of the multi-depth cartons. I like free from the PO better, but they are most often just not large enough.
    Tlhanks all for sharing, much appreciated.
  15. kate83675: "Thank you" or customized sticker is a great idea. It is not expensive but better than using tape. I always stuff my bags though and use white clean tissue paper only. Thank you for your input. Are you selling handbags as well? :biggrin:

    mamee: 18''x24'' is a giant size ziploc then. I am going to order some plastic bag to protect the bag in case it's rainning like you said. Thanks!

    thank you very much for some of your tricks. Maybe I can't get them all in one day but gradually I might get more from you. Hhehe..Just kidding :P

    I just ordered one handbag from zappos. Let's see how they pack it!

    I used to reuse the recycled boxes when I was selling...electronics (hhe..heh...funny huh. A girl selling electronics among those musculine guys. I quit because the margin is too little). But when switching to handbags, I only use new box from Uline. I don't like multi-depths boxes for some reasons like I have to cut down the box and feel like a waste to throw away part of the box. I have different size in stocks 18x16x6, 18x16x4, 14x14x12 (multi-depths...)

    Btw, thank you very much for your suggestion. Everyday I learn more. :P

    kattykay: thank you very much for another suggestion.