Clear nail polish....


Feb 8, 2006
... anybody use one that doesn't flake and peel? I don't expect it to last forever, but a week would be nice. I like to wear polish (keeps me from chewing on my nails) and my parrot is afraid of my hands if I wear anything with a color... The bottle I am using now is called NailFood, and it starts disappearing before the day is through. :sad:
Sunshine said:
LOVE nail tek hydration therapy.... It is the best! It does not peel, and it really helps make nails harder and healthy. Great stuff.

Where do you buy it? I see a lot of online options, but would prefer to pick this kind of thing up from a store. Thanks!
OPI is great! I think using a good topcoat is also important. I use this stuff called "Out the Door" that's a quick drying topcoat but also keeps my polish really shiny. Bobbi Brown has a really nice sheer color called "Sheer Popsicle" that has a slight pink tink to is so that your nails look nice and pink and healthy. I like using it with my Out the Door topcoat!
Have you seen the ones from Neutrogena? It's like a pen...anyway, it's just a very light shimmer, almost as if you just buffed them...mine has a little sparkle too. They are very pretty & so thin that you don't notice it fading off.

I like them because I can keep it in my purse & apply anywhere without the worry of spilling.
vanojr9 said:
I love OPI too, I use Nail Envy, it's a clear strengthener that doesn't chip. I also like the Neutrogena stuff when I'm in a hurry, i's great.

Nail envy is The STRENGTHNER! That stuff made my nails so strong the actually became so hard the would just break! It was wild!
What a great thread you guys! I bite my nails and hard as I try I cant quit. This would be a good way to start. If I wore polish all the time I wouldnt bite them as much, and it'll strengthen my nails at the same time. Plus, I dont like bright colors on my nails.