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  1. Anyone has any recommendations on clear mascara? i dread wearing the black ones daily as i often smudge them and they just seem too dramatic on me as my lashes are already quite thick... i have been looking around for a clear mascara but not many brands do them... anyone knows of a clear mascara that preferably moisturises the lashes at the same time? thanks!
  2. Maybelline and CoverGirl sell clear mascara that is cheap too!
  3. i looked at those brands but unfortunately they don't sell the clear ones in the UK! i have no idea why!!!!!
  4. I think the problem is 1. demand is not high enough, or 2. the shelf life is a little more obvious for clear mascara since it can tint over time (turn color) if not sold and is kept under bright lights.
    Let me do some research and see what I can find for ya!
  5. Origins has one. . . but I think it's for brows. I don't see why it couldn't be used though, it has theEXACT wand mascara does.
    Also, Max Factor makes one.
  6. awww... thanks so much... Vuittonhammie!
  7. Ok!! Found one!! Pout Cosmetics has a product called "Wet Lash"... it is clear mascara basically. Pout was created in the UK, so finding a store should not be a problem. Plus the mascara wands are soooo cute (baby blue metallic with lace design). So, this could be it.
    Hope this helps!! : )
  8. Thanks! Looks great!!!!!!!!!
  9. What does clear mascara do? I had a tube...but it didn't look like anything on my lashes. Is it supposed to hold up shape?
  10. Hmmm, gingerfarm, that is a good question. I just realized I don't understand. :lol:
  11. Cleans off powder eyeshadow from lashes for a clean look, gives shape and defines lashes. Also good for holding a curl after you curl lashes.
  12. Gotcha!
  13. Rimmel
  14. Max Factor, Maybelline and Cover Girl. Try too. I believe Neutrogena has something called lash tint which isn't a mascara but just colors it.
  15. Clear mascara doesn't hold a curl for me, only waterproof works on mine to hold curls.
    But the clear is great for people that don't want to look like they're wearing make-up or it great to shape and set eyebrows.
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