Clear Lucite Platform Sandals

  1. I know that clear lucite platform sandals conjures up images of strippers and pole dancing for many people, but how far off mainstream are they?

    I remember seeing Teri Hatcher wearing a pair on Leno or Letterman one night last year. I admit that I have wanted a pair ever since then . I am going on a pre-wedding vacation with my boyfriend, first to San Fran then to Hawaii . and I think these would be fun and sexy to wear in the evenings.

    Now I see Zappos carries a new style from Stuart Weitzman. You can't get more mainstream than SW. Here is the SW pair.

    The problem is that these cost $300! So I was thinking of ordering a pair from a store that caters a bit more to strippers than does Zappos. One store offers several similar pair to Stuart Weitzman for only about $35. So the question is, would you wear any of these out?



  2. I think pair #1 look the nicest. It seems the higher the platform gets, the more stripper looking they get.
  3. They are just too stripper and/or pageant for me. However, if I had to pick, #1 is the best of the 3.
  4. Clear shoes look hookerish regardless of the heel or style. Having said that though, #1.
  5. Your feet better be perfectly manicured in those shoes, and mine never are...
  6. Personally, I would go for something with maybe blk patent leather with a lucite heel. Prada makes a nice pair. Too much lucite makes it a bit hookerish in my opinion.
  7. Ouch, the crowd has spoken, and none of you are the least bit crazy about lucite platform sandals. Stuart Weitzman or not, the consensus is that they are best left for strippers, I guess.
  8. #1 without a question
  9. I agree, so does my DH.
  10. i actually prefer #1 to the stuart weitzmans. for some reason the shape of the heel on the SWs makes me think of sex toys or something :shame: :shame: :shame: or maybe it's just the angle that's making them look for lack of a less gross description, textured :whistle:
  11. No matter how pretty they are, clear shoes scream hooker. You just can't dress them up. Sorry.

    My sister used to have a pair. We contemplated physically wreastling her to the ground and wrenching them from her feet. In the end she finally listened and got rid of them.
  12. I used to really want a pair. I figured paired with jeans & a classy top they'd look great. Everyone else warned me otherwise! I never ended up getting any just because other peoples comments put me off.. I still think they'd look cute with jeans though. I wouldn't wear them with a skirt/dress I don't think.

    Get themmmm! :p
  13. I agree, I think they would be adorable w/ jeans, but I think you and I are the only one's, I think. I really do not want to be shopping in a mall or out on the town some evening and have people think I'm a stripper. I think I'm going to wait until clear lucite sandals are a bit more mainstream, before I venture out in them.
  14. I don't care if people think they look "stripper-ish"---it's how comfortable they are! Which is, not very. That clear plastic doesn't have much give and will start digging into the top of your foot like CRAZY after an hour or two. Plus, think of the sweatiness factor. YUCK.