Clear Inclusion Bracelet On E-luxury!!

  1. Get them while you can. Last day for free shipping!
  2. 'Tis gone now...darn it. :sad: My checking account is probably better off.
  3. crap, oh well im on a ban till they day after xmas anyways
  4. Sorry guys I must have gotten the last one.

    Well, I probably shouldn't have bought it cause I am still working on paying off those debts!

    If for some reason I don't like it on me, i'll have to send it back.

  5. congrats, I hope you like it..
    I love mine,

    Please let us know if you plan to return it so others can watch it like an
  6. I sure will!
  7. Yes- I'm on the hunt for one :smile:
  8. Well I just figured out I really can't afford it now so it will go back. It's on its way to me but I have called Fed ex to confirm my refusal of shipment.

    It should be back at E-lux some time mid-week.

    Good luck girls! Hope one of you gets it!
  9. Lol thanks for the heads up!!