Clear Heels

  1. Are clear heeled shoes still in style? Or not, which would explain why these are 50% off.

  2. personally-I have never been a fan. I don't see anyone wearing them out and about.
  3. I just dont do the clear heels. A little to pagenty for me!
  4. I personally don't like clear heels.
  5. I think they look cheap. Not sure if they were ever in style.
  6. Same here, never liked them, I associate them with strippers/adult industry stars.
  7. Ugh - and now that you say it I see what you mean. I don't own any and I'm going to pass on these. I think I was tempted by the sale (they are the only ones on sale in my size at footnotesonline. Thanks for the advise! It is always good advise and I love that everyone is honest.
  8. I don't care for clear heels, or this particular style.
  9. you couldn't pay me to wear clear heels.
  10. I don't like clear heels. They look cheap and hookerish to me.
  11. dont like at all looks very.. cheap !
  12. Stripper shoes!
  13. I don't like these shoes... sorry!
  14. Don't like clear heels. Tres stipper-ish.
  15. clear heels are a part of a strippers uniform. i would stay far, far away from anything that resembles a clear heel. they will never, ever be in style. i think chris rock even did a monologue on clear heels and's actually really funny.