Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor

  1. Could I get any opinions on this? I don't want to spend major $$$ for a new there any reason I couldn't buy a used one, say, on the 'Bay or from someone who was successful and doesn't need it anymore?
    I have been trying OPK but they pretty much tell me I am never ovulating, including the month I did get pregnant (ended in MC though).
    Any experiences would be appreciated:yes:
  2. I've been using it since April 06. It's very accurate to me. I used it once with an OPK and they gave me the exact same date when I O. I highly recommend it.

    If you buy used, you've to call them to reset the machine. Or a few ppl know how to do it. I'd search the net first before buying a used one.

    The sticks are cheaper on eBay too, around $30. Make sure they're not expired. At first you might need 15 sticks, but eventually, 7 is good enough.
  3. Tabbyco, I'd a couple of months that I did not O at all, and the monitor showed it.
  4. ^^ beejerry- Showed that you didn't O or that you did?
  5. Showed that I didn't and I did not have minor pain on my lower abdominal pain like when I O.
  6. Huh... I thought on day 8 I had some CM that was consistant with O, but it never registered... We BD anyway. Day 20 and it is still registering 'high'. This month is a wash. :tdown:
  7. I just want to say I think this monitor is great! Used other OPKs, never had a definite answer, bought this a couple of months ago. First month, just let it figure out my cycle (no BD, took a break)
    Second month BD twice, once on a high fertility day (there were 2) and once on O day (there were two) and voila! BFP this morning! Also used pre-seed and drank a glass of wine before BD. (coz I keep hearing all these stories of people being drunk and getting pregnant without even trying, lol)
    We had been TTC for about 18 months now. HTH!
  8. Congrats!! That is so encouraging :tup:
  9. Well this is my 2nd month to us eit and I'm on day 8. Day 7 was my first test strip day. Today, day 8, came up as a high day. Hmmmmm seems a lot early for a hogh day.:shrugs: I guess that maybe I am ovulating early. What is everyone's O day normally?
  11. I think it is normal to have different O days! Sometimes I had it on day 11, sometimes it's day 13.
  12. How do these things work?
  13. This is just me, but I wouldn't put my money on those ovulation kits at all. They all lied that I never ovulated. Which wasn't true at all. I tested a negative on an ovulation test but I just knew I was ovulating because I know my body. I trusted myself and I'm now 20 weeks pregnant.
  14. I used an Ovacue by Zetek monitor ad was pregnant on the 4th month after TTC for 3+ years. I actually just listed it on eBay to recoup some of the $300 I paid for it. And hopefully it can help someone else. It was my last resort before going to the doctor to start drastic measures.