Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor

  1. Is it worth the $$?
  2. I dunno. I personally have not used it, but I have heard some say that it has helped.
  3. I bought one and I think for some it is worth the money. It did give me a clearer picture of when I ovulated as well as keeping tract of it.

    In the end it did not work for me as after a year I started clomid and then injectables. Not worth using while you are having ultrasounds at the same time.
  4. The OV watch is supposed to be better.
    It does not work if you use Clomid.
    I used it since Feb - nada.
  5. I am using one. There were times when I didn't O at all, due to the enormous stress caused by my last job, and the monitor indicated so!

    If you're using OPK, this would not be much of a difference in funcationality. It is very accurate and easy to use. I compared it to an OPK last month and the results were same -- the same day I Oed.

    Cost wise, I'd say it works out for me. OPK isn't cheap either. And the monitor tells me when to test which is convenient to me. The sticks are like $38 for 3 months (cheaper if you get them on eBay).