clear bags

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  1. Ok, so I work in a retail store and there are rules about what we can and can't take onto the floor. I keep my real bag upstairs in my locker but sometimes you want your wallet, gum, phone, lipgloss, and pantiliners nearby!
    So I need a clear bag, not too big, but bigger than a normal cosmetic case. it doesn't have to be 100% transparent, but mostly see-through. cute clear bags are like impossible to find. has anyone ever seen one?
    how about the jelly kelly? any thoughts on those? are they super tacky or kinda cute? are they even reasonably see-through?
  2. My all time favourite transparent bag would have to be the ambre GM tote.. like so:


    But that may be a little impractical for a workpace. I believe Bebe had a few clear bags last year, and they may bring that back for summer ?
  3. how about something from the dior rain collection?

    wow a lot of retail stores are doing this now. i use to work at a major dpt store and it was a rule but it was never enforced, phew.
  4. I'll keep an eye on Bebe! the LV is slightly impractical...knowing the lame-o's in our mall, my beautiful transclucent tote would be hijacked in 2 seconds by someone who didn't even know what a real LV WAS.
    Is this what the Dior rain collection looks like?
    anyone know where I could find a smallish size bag like that? A real one?
  5. Er kinda like that but I don't know if it ever came in that shape. It's cuter than it sounds though, the authentic ones are pink w/ patent white leather trimming. a member got one awhile ago on sale for like $260, ill try to find the thread through search.

    You can find them at the two Dior outlets (CA and NY)
  6. Burburry (spellling!?!) had a really cute on last year. It had a cloth insert which could be removed. So the bag can be used outside of work also. The one I liked looked about the size and shape of a Coach gallery tote.
  7. To be honest - it makes no sense to draw attention to your stuff with an expensive, designer, clear bag.

    I was in retail management for years, in dept stores, boutiques, etc. Theft among employees is extremely high - the clear bag rule is very common in the major dept stores; buy the cheapest thing you can - and lock your real handbag in your trunk; this way if you go out after work you can transfer your belongings and are not stuck with the clear bag - but, while you are at work you are not drawing attention to your things.
  8. yeah, that's good advice...the Dior stuff is adorable though...but I would never use a clear bag except for work, so I guess it makes no sense to draw attention to my stuff like that.

    ok...anyone have any cheap, practical clear bags then?
  9. You should be able to find one at Target.
  10. ziplock bags.

    hee. i couldnt resist.
  11. I got a cute Maxx NY one on QVC. It also has the removeable zipper pouch. Item number A55697. Sorry I can't right click at work or I'd post the link.
  12. hee hee, that was me. I love the bag. It's in the outlet now you only need to pay a fraction of the original cost. They come in different sizes. I got the bowling bag. This line also comes with a small nylon pouch to store private stuff. Let me try to post photos, never done it befoe.

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  13. This is really cute!

    The first thing that popped into my mine was the LV. I think it looks so pretty!
  14. WOW. What is the name of the black Chanel bag in the fourth pic?