Clear Bag?

  1. I just saw a bag that looks clear on let-trade. Can anyone tell me more about this bag? I think I like it!
    Epi Prlage Bagoon Bay White Bag
  2. Saw that... looks like a good pool/beach bag!
  3. This Epi Lagoon Bay bag was produced from 2000-2001, clear like the Monogram Ambre bags, came in red, gold, and white.



  4. I have always thought this was adorable!! I almost won a small blue one on eBay.
  5. good job John!!! I was just googling it :smile:
  6. Ooohhh .... love the way the white/pearl one looks :drool:
  7. John, you are just a wealth of informaton!
  8. Thank you John5, you are awesome. :flowers:
    I'd have to see this purse in real life but it looks so fun.
  9. the red ones very cute!
  10. I think its okay.................. IMO
  11. Clear bags are probably going to be crazy HOT this year - what with the Chanel clear & Coach just had one on the back of their most recent catalog too. But I like how this one has colors.
  12. I kinda do like the Red one..........
  13. Sooo cute! I just love the red one...
  14. wow. i wish i was 10 years older. ive missed out on so much!!!