Cleanser/daily skin care/eye cream????

  1. A friend of mine was asking what is a good brand to use as a daily skin care/cleanser/toner and eye cream. she would like other info besides what i gave her. so i though u ladies maybe able to help me out on what to tell her.

    I was telling her that i have used Lancome in the past and using Dior now. i showed her the dior cleanser/toner/exfoliator and makeup remover that i use
  2. hmmm I think it's really about experimenting with different brands because everybody has different types of skin and thus require different needs
  3. Absolutely agree. Also, does you friend have dry, normal, combination or oily skin? Does she have acne, sensitive skin or is she allergic to anything? Also there are so many price points, does she want high end products? Products available at the drugstore, Target, Walmart etc are cheaper than department store brands but that doesn't make them inferior. Also, places like The Body Shop, Bath and Body Works, L'Occitane, Aveda, Origins, Neal's Yard Remedies etc also have skin care ranges. There is so much to choose from, it's fun looking and buying but could be overwhelming too!

    If she is a complete novice to skin care there are a few things to consider before buying anything and then she needs to plunge in and experiment to find what she likes.
  4. You really need to try some products to see what works for you, it's great to use a good eye cream, cleanser, and sunscreen.....
  5. I have very dry skin. Here is my routine:

    Cleanser: $8 from Sprouts...non-soap and not drying at all!

    night/day/eye cream: Jason's 5000 U.D. Vitamin E Cream ($7 bucks from Sprouts and all animal testing!!!)

    SPF for face over moisturizer, under makeup: MAC Prep and Prime With SPF product, just came out.

    If I get a zit, I dab Kiehl's Blue Astringent Gel (I can't remember the exact name!! LOL) and it works great!

  6. Hey my name's Annabelle too lol!

    anyway I use Cetaphil gentle cleaner. i have very sensitive skin so it works great not harsh at all. For moisturizer I use Cetaphil with SPF 15.
  7. Cleanser: Bliss Fabulous Foaming Cleanser or Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser
    Toner: SK-II Facial Clear Lotion or Clinique Clarifying Lotion II
    Moisturizer: SK-II Facial Clear Solution or Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion
    Sunscreen: Clarins UV PLUS SPF40
    Eye cream: Kiehl's Abyssine eye cream or Bobbi Brown Hydrating eye cream

  8. I have sensitive skin. I recently switched from my more expensive line to this (purely to save money...I liked the expensive one alot!). It was mostly good...but I was starting to feel a little dried out...and was breaking out a little more than I added the aveena positively radiance cleansing pads which are an AMAZING exfoliater....and aveeno skin clarifying toner. Based on how well those are working...thinking about switching the cleanser and moisturizer too. we'll see...

    For eye cream I'm still using my expensive one....murad essential c eye cream with spf.
  9. Well, if your friend happens to have acne prone skin, I had excellent results when I was using Obagi. The kits are pricey, but well worth the money.
  10. Agree. I've tried a ton of stuff that people recommended, but didn't do anything for me. When my esthetician recommended Cosmedix products for me. I didn't think they would work, but it did. So, now I'm obsessed with cosmedix products. I don't use anything else.
  11. I have sensitive skin:
    Lotion: Shiseido White Lucent
    Cleanser: Dior snow
    Shiseido Benefiance creamy cleanser
    Eyes: Clinique all about eye

    I tried Philosophy all products, but really didn't worked for me