Cleanse..exfoliate...toner..moisturize... when to apply acne treatment?

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  1. i've always been really confused about this and probably the main reason why i don't do all of the proper steps when washing my face. I always worry that a toner or moisturizer will cancel out my acne treatment.

    so at which step do you apply the acne treatment?

    i'm currently looking at the DDF line and i'm thinking about buying the -glycolic exfoliating wash (assuming this takes care of cleasning and exfoliating at the same time??)
    -the oil free moisture dew (or daily matte uv moisture spf)
    -glycolic toning complex
    -benzoyl peroxide gel

    i just wouldn't know which order to use them in!
  2. Probably toner, acne treatment, moisturizer. Let the acne treatment sink in for a little before applying moisturizer.
  3. I apply my treatment right before moisturizer too, once in the morning and then again before bed.
  4. I put my acne treatment on after moisturizer because it's a spot treatment and I don't want it to spread around.
  5. ^^^ I put acne treatment on before moisturizer. If I'm only treating a spot or two, I try to avoid that spot when I am rubbing in my moisturizer. I figure my pimples don't need the extra moisture like the rest of my face does.
  6. I do my acne treatments after my toner, before my moisturizer if I use one. I will put it on brush my teeth and do a few other things and then do my moisturizer.
  7. illinirdhd-thanks for the tip.
  8. same here. I only put on a tiny drop of acne treatment right on top and I moisturize the skin around the pimple.

    Also... the concept of "drying out" your pimple is wrong imo. THis just dries out the supeficial layer of your skin and does nothing to the pimple unless it can penetrate deep into the pore, and usually the pore is already blocked by sebum, puss, and dead cells, so your acne treatment can't work properly.

    many people are afraid of moisturizing their face if they're acne prone, but often we NEED the extra moisture that our skin craves due to so much acne products that we use to dry it out.
  9. I put acne treatment on after everything else.. mainly because its the mario badescu spot treatment and it would spread and smear everywhere it if wasnt last.
  10. i've had terrible skin and had many facials:

    cleanse, toner, acne treatment, then moisturize
  11. this is EXACTLY my way of thinking.... i'm always so scared to use moisturizer because i worry that it will spread the acne stuff around and make me oily and break out.

    currently i only use moisturizer where i need it (chin and nose area) and then i use the dermalogica oil control stuff(which i think is kind of an acne treatment) on the other areas (forehead/cheeks/t-zone)

    so far so good... but now i'm really breaking out on my neck directly under my jaw line. ugh! i might have to go back to my prescription stuff.

    I will try the toner/acne treament/moisturizer order. thanks!:tup:
  12. My acne treatment is a lotion, so I do:

    Cleanse, tone, acne lotion [which is the moisurizer]