Cleaning your Zip clutch

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  1. Has anyone tried cleaning theirs. I have the quilted zip clutch wallet and use it quilte often and have been wondering how I should approach cleaning it. I want to know if anyone else has attempted to clean theirs.
  2. I like the Apple Guarde Conditioner and Repellent spray for my new bags/wallets. But, I don't know how effective the conditioner is on non-treated items. I'd be afraid to use the repellent, too, as it may seal in the dirt.
  3. That's what I'm afraid of...sealing in dirt. My DH suggested I use Tuff Stuff...the stuff you use to clean carpets etc:nuts::confused1:, I think he was kidding..yup, he'd better be!
  4. I would def try the apple leather cleaner... but test an area first! I've seen some dye come off with some of my MJ bags.
  5. Ok..this isn't helpful except for new stuff...but it's because of spilled orange juice in my Teal New Tote...(soft yellow suede) that I always condition the bags and then silicone the heck out of them..I know you are "supposed" to let them wear in..but in my house wear in is a real THING...
    I took my bag to a leather cleaner and they would't touch it with a ten foot pole and a mighty home I trotted and used a soft kitchen towel a little warm water and some dish washing soap. This probably breaks every rule in the book but it worked. mags