Cleaning your satin/fabric Coach bag - scotchguard?

  1. My dad was kind enough to drive to Woodbury in the Noreaster a couple of weeks ago to pick up a scarf print hobo for me since they didn't have any left in my outlet but I'm kind of nervous to use it b/c I don't want it to get dirty. I also want to get a scribble bag but I'm guessing it will get really dirty too.

    I know you can clean them with mild soap and water but has anyone scotchguarded their Coach fabric/satin bag? Do baby wipes work or should I just use soap and water? Any other suggestions?

  2. I'm curious to know also as I have a satin bag...
  3. Had a hampton weekend hobo. I would tie it up in a pillowcase and wash with woolite in cold water on permanent press. Then hang it on the door knob to dry. It looked so good My Mom took it.
    I do the same with signature swing pack. I use it alot so it's always getting washed. the Leather trim does fine drys same color.
  4. are braver than I would ever
  5. mr. clean magic eraser cleaned my gold satin wristlet and left it feeling just like new.