cleaning your nylon prada, HELP

  1. hey.. i recently opened my closet and found my old black nylon Prada,
    i kept it nicely but it still has white spots on it, i tried cleaning it with a wet towel, but it wont go away. i dont wanna use soap or anything because im scared i might make it worse.. help!
  2. i always just use windex/409 to wipe down any spots on mine. works wonders. but i'd say try it at your own risk just in case.

  3. ^Yup I use that too....Then I take a damp rag and just 'go over' the entire area....Always worked for me..Good luck!
  4. what's a windex?? i've never heard of it :sad:
  5. ah i googled it and it's a window cleaner?? gosh.. i dont have that brand here but i'll try with what i can find on a tiny tiny spot first.. thanks for your help!
  6. i did put my nylon make-up case from prada into the washing machine made nothing to it, just cleaned it!!!! it was full of make-up dirt inside, so no risk no clean :smile:
  7. I always clean my nylon Prada bags with a damp cloth and gentle soap. That's what Prada recommended, and it worked wonders for me whenever I spill something on one of my bags.
  8. I use baby wipes on mine...