Cleaning your Hermes Items

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good life

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Nov 1, 2010
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Hi, does anyone have any good tips on cleaning your H treasures? I mean, we can't bring our bags in for a spa treatment everytime we get a smudge on them.
What about the scarves and schawls? I wear a scarf dailey and am now hand washing some of them. I really hate the chemicals used in dry cleaning. It makes them feel stiff and plastic, smells and turns white colors to dull ivory or yellowish. Has anyone had experience handwashing their GM shawls? I need help on that one since I have 2 in the dry clean pile but have put off bringing them (I guess if have to I will since I don't want to ruin them). Anyone with tips? Thanks.


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Nov 4, 2006
welcome goodlife, there is some great information here on the topics you're looking for.

On the top right of your screen is a "search" drop-down. If you use the advanced function and search titles for "washing" and "handwashing" you'll find threads for both GM cashmeres and silks.

If you look in the reference library at the top you'll find some useful bag cleaning tips if you choose to DIY.

HTH :smile:
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