Cleaning your dog's teeth (fun!)

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  1. My apologies if a thread on this already exists. My dog needs to get his teeth professionally cleaned every so often, to scrape off the plaque. I try to brush his teeth weekly and I only feed him hard food/treats, but, being a small dog he is prone to plaque build-up.

    I've had this done at the vet (where they put him under) and by an independent pet teeth cleaner person who came to our house and did it without putting him under. I preferred the latter since it was less traumatic for him; being anesthetized really seemed to do a number on him. I was about to make an appointment with her again but the vet told me that it's really difficult to get plaque off the teeth furthest back without putting the dog under. These teeth are the most important to maintain.

    So, my question for you is: if you get your pet's teeth professionally cleaned, do you take them to the vet (and if so, how much does it cost you?) or do you have someone else do it?
  2. I have to get my dogs teeth cleaned professionally. I will not loose a finger because of it. The times I have tried to brush his teeth, I had to wrap him in a towel and put gloves on. I use a long toothbrush and he bites it.

    When I do take him to get it done at the vet, they do put him under. But I can't do it so much now since he has an upper respiratory infection now and the vet said its not good so I try to do it more often myself.
  3. I would recommend visiting a vet. Having someone come and clean them is a good alternative but as you have mentioned, doesn't get to the back molars very well, and really depends on the dog's temperament.

    Maybe voice your concerns to the vet about how he reacted the last time to the anaesthetic. Did he take a long time to wake up, or ? Was it because he was done last, or you picked him up early? Also, how old is your dog and does he have any pre-existing conditions like heart conditions, liver damage, kidney insufficiency etc? If you are not sure, you can set your mind at ease by requesting a pre-anaesthetic bloodwork panel which looks at the function of these vital organs. I am going to assume here that you mean he took a long time to wake up from the anaesthetic. You can voice this out to your vet and ask if there are any alternatives he/she can use for a faster recovery etc.

    Also, under a GA, your dog can have any rotting teeth extracted if necessary. They have very long roots and take alot of time and effort and technique in getting them out, which a conscious dog just will not allow.

    I don't know how much it costs in the US but here in AU at my clinic it costs about A$250 for a straightforward dental, that price includes GA, day hospitalisation fee, pain relief, and the actual dental procedure. Extra charges apply for extractions.

    Also, as supplementation in between GA dentals, you can try switching your dog to a teeth formulated diet, eg Hills t/d (ask your vet). You can try Hexarinse (which is like a mouthwash for dogs but they usually hate it), and dental bones. All this is supplementary though and only HELP to maintain clean teeth but can NOT take away thick tartar (the hard, cakey stuff coating the teeth) that is already there.
  4. I tried cleaning my Komi Bears teeth, but he doesnt particularly like it. Nor does he cooperate.

    I want to get his teeth cleaned at the vet... but how much does that cost on average?
  5. My old dog used to get her teeth cleaned at the vet's regularly. I can't remember how much I paid for it, since it's been so long. I lost my old dog 2 1/2 years ago, and my new dog has yet to have hers cleaned (she doesn't seem to need it yet) I did brush her teeth regularly when she was a puppy, though (she'd sit next to me and give me a particular 'look' if she saw me brushing my own without brushing hers :p) she seemed to like it, but after a while, that changed and honestly, I stopped brushing them... With this thread in mind, I'm going to start brushing them again, though :flowers:
  6. I looked under canine dental services and they have wonderful websites but no *surprise* price lists.
  7. Dogs sure are expensive little critters, aren't they (an expense I will gladly pay for my dog for yeaaaars to come :tender:).

    My dog is going to turn 5 soon and around July or so, I'll be taking her to the vet for her yearly shots and her first yearly teeth cleaning. Man, I never realized how complicated it was to clean a dog's teeth... I thought he'd just scrub them a bit or something and voila, clean teeth.
  8. Just found out its $100 to start depending on the deterioration of the teeth! :tdown:
  9. How often do you clean the teeth?